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Response to Babels statement

in solidarity | 03.10.2004 20:32 | European Social Forum

The UK ESF Organising Committee fully guarantees that all Babels volunteers and
coordinators will be given the guarantees specificied in the Babels statement.

Specifically every Babels volunteer and coordinator will be provided, free of
charge, with the standard of accommodation specified in the statement including
at the minimum a shower and a bed in a room of no more than four people. Where
home stay accommodation is not available the UK ESF Organising Committee will
pay for accommodation for Babels volunteers and coordinators.

The travel expenses of Babels volunteers and coordinators will be immediately
and fully re-imbursed during the period of the ESF in London 14-17 October.

Both of these costs are fully covered in the budget for the ESF in London and
the organisers fully agree and have the material means to ensure that all
Babels volunteers and coordinators are properly accommodated and their expenses

We have repeatedly informed Babels UK of these facts in writing and verbally and
asked them to inform the Babels network and all volunteers that they are
guaranteed accommodation of at least the standard specified, full reimbursement
of their travel costs and other agreed expenses.

Indeed, the UK ESF Organising Committee has employed on a full-time paid basis
three people to assist in the delivery of the requirements for Babels full
participation in the ESF in London.

We hope this provides immediate assurance that the proper commitments to Babels
for their outstanding contribution to the ESF will be fully honoured in London.
We will provide all of the precise details and guarantees requested in the
Babels statement in a fuller statement tomorrow.

in solidarity


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