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Sheffield community shows willingess to act against phone mast

Early riser | 03.10.2004 19:23 | Health | Sheffield

Following information that an attempt was to be made to erect a G3 phone mast on Ecclesall Road, Sheffield, this morning, a large group of residents gathered to protect the site

No entry for G3 at The Berkeley Centre
No entry for G3 at The Berkeley Centre

Many people are concerned about the health dangers from the new generation of phone masts that are being erected around the country. Hutchinson have been trying to put one of these in place on Ecclesall Road, Sheffield for several months now. The company prepared the site and fenced it off. This enclosure has been beautified by local people over the summer, first as a living room - complete with sofa - then as a a holiday beach and latterly as a back to school scene. Contracters have attempted to put the mast in place but have been prevented from doing so by local residents.

Information had been received that another attempt would be made this Sunday morning at 6.30 am. Local people began surrounding the site at 6 and by 7 this morning 35 people were there. Apart from circling police cars there was no sign of mast-related activity - maybe they had been put off by the people there - certainly this must be an emotive issue to get this number of people out of their Sunday beds at this hour.

Early riser


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