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Prisons Without Bars - Anti-Repression Squat

Maelstrom | 02.10.2004 18:01 | Free Spaces | Repression | Technology

ID Cards, ASBO's, Nanotech, Prisons, CCTV, Prisoner tagging, RFID and


Prisons Without Bars - Anti-Repression Squat

A new squatted infoshop for Leeds.

A space will be taken and squatted as an expression of confrontation,
and as an open venue for the exchange of ideas, criticism and
experiences with the goal of broadening a radical analysis of the
repressive system, but also the whole society that produces it.

In an attempt to launch discussion , criticism and action against
surveilance, new technologies of control, prisons and the panoptikon
society, we're proposing a series of talks and discussions on and
around these issues.

Opening on October 21st. More details closer to the time on Leeds



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