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radio and video workshops

rampart | 02.10.2004 15:46 | Free Spaces | Indymedia | Technology | London

some news about preparation for the ESF at the rampART (
plus info about workshops re radio and video this week...


Yesterday evening there was an heroic blitz on the accumalated mound of old
computers and tangled sea of cables at the rampart. During the evening and
into the wee hours of the morning, a dedicated crew of techies assembled,
tesed, audited, setup and configured various bits of kit and now, thanks
to a freshly installed ADSL broadband internet line and all the hard work
last night, the rampART is now back on the mute 'YouAreHere' community
wireless network and providing an uplink to the internet. Additionally
there is an emerging building wide local area network and an all singing
all dancing internet radio streaming machine. In other words, good
progress is being made towards the techie requirements of the ESF period.


With the technical side of the radio streaming seemingly sorted, it should
be time to sort out the content. A meeting is planned to discuss and start
sorting out content, hopefully with the technical people too so that they
tell us what is possible and what is not, on _Monday 4th of October at

If you fancy getting involved in creating content for the radio show
during the ESF, or beyond, come along. It is a good oportunity to learn
about streaming and the process of preparing audio segements.

The idea will be to share the load of work, in terms of gathering content
and editing it if necessary, and sorting out a rota for as many days as
our numbers can cover. However people who simply want to secure a slot
and/or just want to contribute some audio, ideas for production, whatever,
are also most welcome.


During the ESF a crew of people is forming to video the actvities of the
Carnival Forum, caputure the footage as it comes in then upload clips to
indymedia via a wifi connection on the double decker veg oil bus as it
drives around London. Additionally there is going to be live and recorded
video streaming (internet TV) from the rampART. So, for those that want to
be involved in any of this, there is going to be a video meeting on
_Tuesday 5th October at 7.30pm_

If you fancy learning about how to shoot good video, capture and edit
footage, get into the techie side of internet video streaming or talk
about content, this is the meeting for you.


We urgently need loads more plates and cutlery to cater for perhaps 150
people at a time during the ESF. Please, if you have chipped or unwanted
plates or bowls, or bent spoons or whatever, we really need them.

In case you missed it the first time, the wish list also includes; first
aid kits, light fittings, shower and somebody to fit it, network cables,
power extension leads, a stylus or cartridge for some decks, some PA
speakers or cones (2x10" 2x12") to replace those blown up during the
Rising Tide benefit last week.

There is a growing To Do List also, so if you have a bit of time and
energy to spare and would like to help out, get in touch.



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