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rampart during ESF

rampart | 02.10.2004 12:00 | European Social Forum | Culture | Free Spaces | London

Squatted in May, the rampART creative centre and social space has hosted cultural and political events including weekly free cinema, exhibitions, benefit gigs, discussions, meetings and workshops etc. The venue provides a large hall, kitchen, a stage, PA, video projector, library, meeting rooms, workshop space, sound studio, creative media lab, internet access, public Wi-Fi, and a shared office.

During the ESF, rampART will be acting as a creative convergence centre and providing one of the info-points for the autonomous spaces. rampART is also home base for the Carnival Forum and the Lab of II. Each day there will be cheap food, free internet / indymedia access, plus resources to edit audio / video reports, or make props and banners etc. In the evenings, space may be used to exchange feedback about the days events or you can socialise and enjoy a range of cultural entertainment, films, live music or performance.

Address: Rampart Street, London, E1 2LA (off commercial road)
Email: rampart(@)
Web: phone: 07050 618445

Wed 13th 6pm - Reclaiming and defending spaces. Films, presentations and discussions about squats, social centres, housing projects and the fight for land. Followed by ‘Fight Club’

Thurs 14th 4pm - Screening of ‘Injustice’, award winning film about deaths in police custody.

Thurs 14th - Talk by three ex-death row prisoners from the US. [time tbc]

Fri 15th 4pm - The ‘monday demonstrations’ against Hartz IV: “social revolution in germany?” debate and short films.

Fri 15th 7pm - Multilingual cinema. Presentation about the Indymedia European Newsreal then films from Europe and beyond, including ‘The Fourth World War’.

Fri 15th 10pm – International live music featuring anarchist acoustic ska, street music from the Basque country, musicians from kurdistan and Galiza plus others (how about you?)

Sat 16th 2pm – Stop the Icelandic dams workshop. What can be done to prevent multinationals and the Icelandic government from destroying Europe's last remaining wilderness to power Aluminium smelters.

Sat 16th 4pm - World Anti-McDonald’s Day - talk, discussion and screening of the McLibel documentary, the film Supersize Me and a bit of McTrashing.

Sat 16th 7.30pm - Unpredictable entertainment, the greatest ever DADA show. features boxing, Icelandic car choir, ballet and orgasms. Plus Saddam and the Look-alikes, and other entertainments.

Sun 17th 12 to 5pm - Home Education Forum. Workshops around the issue of alternatives to state education. Includes kids space.

Sun 17th 4pm till late - Queeruption tea party with info, food, and cabaret followed by RAMPartY after ESF party with live music and DJ’s etc.

Note: All events are free (donations welcome)