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Indymedia Call for Participation Around ESF

imc'istas | 26.09.2004 15:18 | European Social Forum | Free Spaces | Globalisation | Indymedia | London

Indymedia @ the ESF: Four Days of Tactical Media Production

Come and join us from October 14th – 17th in London.

We need your reporting, radio, photography, cables, ideas, enthusiasm and more!

(Call in spanish: )

@ The Camden Centre,
Bidborough Street,
Near Kings Cross,
London WC1
(and other locations!...)

At the heart of one of the worlds most techno-surveyed capital cities, thousands of people from a huge array of social movements will gather in London for this years European Social Forum. Indymedia is organising a four-day Indymedia centre (IMC) to facilitate reporting and DIY media production around the ESF and other autonomous spaces and actions in London.

This call goes out to all the Indymedia and alt. media networks to participate in organising, developing and experimenting with skill sharing, creating networks of alternative communication projects and campaigns, and producing grassroots media relevant to thousands of participants, a global audience and our social movements.

Volunteers are needed to work on covering events, interventions, actions and protests, to help co-ordinate, produce and publish video, audio and photos, to help run spaces and self organise and create the media we want to see.

The IMC will be at the Camden Centre - located next to Kings Cross, in the Bloomsbury area (one of the two major ESF locations), and is one of a number of autonomous spaces around the ESF. There will also be a bar and cheap food available, as well as social events and film screenings. Further IMC / alt. media production nodes will be located in other autonomous venues, and additional spaces will be provided for some workshops and training (more info on this soon).

The Camden centre also has an alternative programme of events in collaboration with activists from the Indymedia uk network , developed to counteract the lack of content addressing communication rights within the European Social Forum programme, and address the rapid development of technologically determined mechanisms such as mass-surveillance and information control that increasingly shape and delimit our landscape of civil liberties and participatory democracy.


The Camden Centre:

The Camden Centre has been hired via collaboration with a variety of alt. Media networks and Communication Rights advocacy and campaigning groups. The broad network is under the umbrella of the Media, Culture and Communication Rights Network (MCCRN). As well as activists from the Indymedia uk network, other groups involved include Privacy International, Association of Progressive Communications (APC), Article 19, Association of community radios (AMARC), WACC and the Electrohippes.

As well as the IMC, the Camden Centre will be used by a the MCCRN too host a programme of events on Communication Rights and alternative media (See -



The Camden centre is a large hall / conference space with a main hall capacity of approximately 600 people, including capacity for info stalls and some exhibition material. There are also two sets of two rooms which have a total capacity of 50 people and are the Indymedia spaces. There is also a bar cafe area.

NB Corporate Journalists will be allowed into the main hall and public access Internet café.

Bar / Public Access Internet C@fe: There is a licensed bar area which will hold about 15 public access computers with internet, an info-point, and seating. There is also a kitchen providing cheap food by the veggies collective.

Indymedia Facilities: If you’re coming to participate in the Indymedia centre, the Camden centre will be able to cater for a variety of needs, but you are expected to help create the media centre by participating in the co-ordination of the reporting.

The IMC will have morning meetings each day to plan and co-ordinate DIY reporting and media production.

The four rooms for media production are designated as:

- IMC Office
- Dedicated reporting space (15-20 computers)
- Priority Audio + Video production space (Please bring equipment YOU need)
- Training room (at some times, reporting space when no trainings)

NB The main hall will be no smoking during daytime programme. Smoking is permitted in the Bar. There will be no smoking in the four media production rooms.

NB there have been some requests for a creche for children. While space is limited, some people are working on the idea - if you would like to participate in a self organised creche please let us know!

CHILDREN: Some of us will be bringing children - we don't have a place for a creche yet, but we will find something as close as possible. Help with child care will be greatly appreciated. If you want to take part and have children, please bring them! The more children there are the easier it will be to share child care, and the more fun it will be for the kids. Please bring some toys, your juggling equipment, anything big and small people can use to have fun with!

Since this will be self-organised by parents, please contact as asap if you think this would be useful for you and if you are able to help. Mail: imc-esf at

Disabled Access: The venue has disabled access via stair lift to the upper floors. If you have specific needs please contact us as soon as possible. Mail: imc-esf(atN0spam) (nb this is a public archive email list)

NB: There is no accommodation at the Camden Centre and the IMC will close at different times each evening (these will be clearly advertised).


Indymedia as an autonomous space

The Indymedia uk Network is working with a wide range of groups and other networks who are building alternative autonomous spaces around the European Social Forum. The aim is to create open spaces for networking, exchanges, celebration, thinking, and action with ways of organising and acting that reflect our political visions, and that are united in standing for grassroots self-organisation, for diversity and inclusion, for direct democracy and collective decision making based upon consensus.

In line with these principles, the IMC will have morning meetings to plan and co-ordinate DIY reporting and media production.

The various autonomous spaces and initiatives do not have, nor represent, one single unified position on the ESF but are however all united in the knowledge of the ESF UK organising process as un-transparent, non-participatory, and exclusionary. However we wish to state clearly that Indymedia is dedicated to respecting the value and supporting the energy, diversity, and experiences of those attending the ESF.


Bring Your Own!

Indymedia London has very few financial resources, choosing to blag, borrow and share most spaces, equipment and materials. The media centre and the Camden centre stalls, as well as the other autonomous spaces all need to have a wide range of media to share, give away and distribute. We would encourage all those coming to participate in the four days to bring local alt. media, leaflets, stickers, posters, CD's, films and all other interesting and relevant material to distribute and share.


Other Media Production Locations

Beyond ESF - Autonomous Space:
This will be in North London - so it becomes the nearest autonomous space to Alexandra Palace. There is a room with internet connectivity that can be used as an IMC / alt. media space for reporting and co-ordination. Some computers should be supplied by imc london, other space will be for laptops. London Hacklab is interested in helping co-ordinate and install. The Beyond ESF space itself will have food for donations, daily programming and events, evening assemblies, entertainments and films. - see

AMARC and the Community Media Association are trying to gain a space inside Alexandra Palace to webstream radio from.

RampArt Social Centre in East London (15 Rampart Street, London E1 2LA ) is hosting another indymedia/alt media access and production node as well as being an info centre for the autonomous spaces. There will be a live internet radio streaming reporting throughout the ESF and also an experimental live and recorded material internet TV show. Additionally the rampART will provide cheap food, drink and venue for cultural events in the evening. see


Registration for the Official ESF Media Centre

Accreditiation to the Official ESF Media Centre at Alexandra Palace is supposed to be available to all alt. Media and community media activists and reporters (after a big lobbying effort by media activists). It now seems that there will only be 20-25 computers in the official media centre, but with around 50 internet connections provided for laptops.

NB Accreditiation will allow you to access the media centre and use the facilities, as well as attending the official press conferences. It will not provide you with the free travel card which is available for the first 20,000 people buying tickets.

You can register via the offical media centre if you have a press card here:

If you dont have a press card, sending a covering letter explaining your publication / group should suffice.

NOTE: If you have any problems gaining accreditation for the official media centre please contact Indymedia London as quickly as possible and we will try and help: Mail: imc-esf(atN0spam) (nb this is a public archive email list)

To read the history and background of the official esf media centre and other media and tech lobbying by activists see:



London, as the one of the most expensive, gentrified cites in the world, suffers from a severe lack of living space. Most of the accommodation options around the time of the ESF lie either within the official forum itself (via a registration and payment process) where you may be able to source discounted bed & breakfasts, hostels, a campsite (very far away), or some free communal spaces (church halls etc) for groups, or via the autonomous spaces.

The free accomodation for people buying tickets is on a first come first served basis - so if you are buying a ticket, hurry up and apply! For details see:

Indymedia is trying to find some home stay accommodation with priority for Indymedia Europeans, however this home stay is extremely limited and spread across London. Other accomodation should be available in social centres and squats, but there is no guarentee!

All coming are highly encouraged to source your own accomodation. Please let us know if you are coming, and if you need accomodation by adding you details to the wiki at:



Location + Maps of Camden Centre, Alexandra Palace and other Spaces:

As the ESF this year is in two main locations, Alexandra Palace in North London and Bloomsbury in central London, autonomous spaces are also in a variety of locations close to these main areas. Travel costs may well be a large expense for participants.

Much of the ESF will be concentrated at Alexandra Palace in North London. This will house most of the Plennaries and Seminars (which get simultaneous translation), as well as many of the exhibition stalls and cultural events. All of the ESF Workshops will be held in the 'Bloomsbury' area. This is the area in central london from Kings Cross down to Holborn, where many of the london universities are located. There are some key venues (like Trade Union Congress (TUC) House) where larger events will take place. It is expected that some stalls will also be located here as well as several cultural events.

The first 20,000 people to buy tickets for the official ESF in London before 1st October will receive a travel card allowing free travel anywhere in London on the Underground, buses and railways on 15, 16 and 17 October - worth about as much as buying the cheap concession ESF ticket at £20 - see:

An Offpeak rate (ie after 9.30am) daily travelcard which covers the main areas and central london costs £4.50. However the ESF will start each morning before this time, and so a Peak rate daily travelcard will cost £6.40. There is also a weekend card and other schemes available - ask at any tube station.

Bus Travel: Tickets can be bought in advance at many newsagents in London, most buses will allow you to buy tickets on board, but others require you to purchase tickets in advance, there are machines by the bus stops where this is necessary.

Single bus ticket costs £1 (this is one journey on one bus). A book of 6 single bus tickets ("bus saver") costs £4.20 A one day bus pass costs £2.50. A one week bus pass costs £9.50

It can be difficult to travel for free in London, all buses either have conductors on board or you need to pay when boarding, and almost all train and tube stations have staffed gates and electonic barriers. Fines can be imposed for travelling without a ticket, from £10 upwards.


Programme at Camden Centre:

See link for programme of events over the four days at the Camden Centre: (more details to be confirmed soon)

Thursday 14th October 9.15am-6.30pm

The European Forum of Communication Rights (EFCR) takes place the day before the start of the European Social Forum, and tackles one of the most important questions: how to bring together those working at different levels on communication rights - from grass roots activists working on practical projects and street level campaigns, to those engaged in lobbying and advocacy, to researchers and academics. Starting the day a series of keynote speakers, presentations and open-floor discussions will establish what is at stake in the information revolution: who owns what, who has the power, and what it means for us all.

"As the movement around Communications Rights gathers momentum, a multitude of campaigns are confronting the same issues from a variety of directions."

Focusing on the global issues of Security and the Surveillance State, Migration and Borders, and the Corporatisation of our Communication spaces and knowledge, the event aims to find common ground that links these varied strands together to produce vibrant, relevant and powerful campaigns.

Friday explores the emergence of the resistance to technologies of control, looking at tactics, tools and techniques, focusing on Infowar and Signal Jamming, Electronic Commons, IP and Bio Piracy, Biometric ID Cards, Gender and Technology, and Tactical and Alternative Media. Friday night will see an evening of entertainment with comedy, music, films and a special set of presentations and performance from migrant networks, sans papiers, and people from the global south.

Saturday will include the 10th anniversary celebration of the respected alternative media project with a full afternoon conference.. Later that evening they kick off their birthday fundraiser party in a venue south of the river.



IMC Media Centre organising wiki website:

Indymedia mailing list:

EFCR website:

EFCR contact:

Indymedia UK Network:

Autonomous Spaces and Initiatives:

Official ESF website:

Unofficial ESF website:

Location + Maps of Camden Centre, Alexandra Palace and other Spaces:

Previous Media Labs:



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