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Bristol STW Regional News Supplement : 14th September 2004

Bristol Stop The War | 14.09.2004 22:50 | Anti-militarism


"Bristol STW recognises the achievements of the STWC in involving people across the
political spectrum, and re-affirms the political non-alignment of the Coalition."

Please check our main August newsletter for more upcoming events.

Stanley Hilton, who represents hundreds of the families of 9/11, is bringing a lawsuit
against the US Government charging involvement in carrying out 9/11.

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~ Bristol / Regional Events... + National / International Events...

1) *~+ Keep Space 4 Peace Week : 25 Sep - 2 Oct
2) *~ Talk : 'Rethinking War & Peace' : 27th Sep
3) *~ More Bristol & Regional Events In Sept
4) *~ Talk : Women To Women 4 Peace : 5th Oct
5) ^~+ International Demonstration : 17th Oct
6) *~ Local Peace Vigils & Planning Groups

Main Organisers Link:
a) 25th Sep : Fylindales Protest
b) 2nd Oct : Menwith Hill Protest
c) 2nd Oct : RAF Croughton Rally

INTRODUCTION: "The Bush Administration (after abandoning the ABM Treaty that outlawed missile defences) plans to deploy missile defence interceptors as the next step toward controlling & dominating space. US bases in the UK are also a part of this drive to
militarise space, with the eventual aim of effectively creating a U.S 'shield' from behind which pre-emptive strikes can be launched.
Fylingdales (North Yorkshire, UK) is an early warning station for ballistic missiles aimed at the U.S. Menwith Hill (also North Yorkshire, UK), is the largest electronic monitoring station in the world. Run by the National Security Agency (NSA) of the U.S. RAF Croughton (north of Oxford) is occupied by US military & civilian personnel, & involved in all US Government communications. These 3 bases, & others, will all be targeted during the international 'Keep Space For Peace Week'
Related Link:

a) FYLINDALES DEMONSTRATION : Saturday 25th September
Organisers Link:
'SWITCH OFF 'STAR WARS' @ 'RAF' Fylingdales from 12:00noon.
Speakers Include: Thom Yorke, Caroline Lucas & Kate Hudson,
Plus... An exhibition, march, food & more. Please visit the website for info.
DIRECTIONS: Fylindales is near the town of Whitby in North Yorkshire, and is
accessible on Goathland Moor by the side of the A169. MAP BELOW:

b) MENWITH HILL DEMONSTRATION : Saturday 2nd October
Organisers Link:
@SPACE ODDITY' @ NSA/USAF Menwith Hill from 12:00 - 4:00pm
Includes : Open public microphone ~ Guided walk around the Base ~ Drumming Workshops ~ Music by Sheffield Samba Band ~ Food by Veggies.
DIRECTIONS: NSA Menwith Hill, North Yorkshire, is 8 miles from Harrogate on the A59 going West. Coming out of Harrogate there are signs to RAF Menwith Hill. You will see big white 'golfballs' as you near Menwith Hill. Look for a pub called 'Black Bull' on your
right. Past the pub turn right into Cold Coates Lane, & follow the signs. The police will
direct you from there. MAP BELOW:

c) RAF CROUGHTON RALLY : Saturday 2nd October
Organisers: Oxfordshire Peace Campaign. Email:
'NO BASES FOR WAR' @ RAF Croughton from 12:00 - 3:00pm
Agenda: 12:00 park on west side of base; 12:15 walk round the south side of base. 1pm
reach east side of base & display banners next to A43; Meanwhile at 12:30 a small delegation hand in letters at Main Gate; 1:45 speaker in picnic field on east side of base; 2pm picnic & music from the 'Sea Green Singers'. 3pm finish.
DIRECTIONS: RAF Croughton is in Northants, north of Oxford. The base is just over the
border from Oxon & just 3 miles from M40 jct 10. MAP BELOW:

Organisers Link:
Diana Francis of Bath STW will be launching her new book' 'Rethinking War & Peace'.
Diana is a long standing peace activist & lectures at Bath University.
DATE: Mon 27th Sept. TIME: 7:30-9:00pm. TAX: £1 on the door. VENUE: St. Mary on
the Quay Hall. City Centre. Colston Ave. (Opposite War Memorial). MAP: http://
BOOK REVIEW: "Is war ever a just way to resolve conflict? Diana Francis argues that it
is not. With passion & eloquence, she mounts a head-on challenge to the belief that war
as an institution is either necessary or effective for good. Refuting the notion that human nature condemns us to perpetual carnage, she argues that we can change the ways we think & the systems we live by. In a tightly reasoned discussion she asserts that war is a gross denial of the core values on which peace depends, & that Just War theory has failed & deceived us.
The book explores alternative ways of confronting aggression & injustice. Francis argues
our security can be enhanced by recognition of our shared responsibility for each other &
our planet. Practical solutions require a new level of participation in public affairs. Recent events have shown that this is possible. Francis outlines the steps we must take to bring about the radical shift so urgently needed."
ORDER DETAILS: £11.99 / PAPER / 192pp / ISBN: 0745321879

a) *~ Out Now! : Bristle Magazine No. 17
b) *~ 16th Sept : Bristol Marxist Forum
c) *~ 20th Sept : Cardiff Public Meeting
d) *~ 20th Sept : Bournemouth Fringe Meeting
e) *~ 24th Sept : Birmingham Public Meeting
f) *~ 28th Sept : South Somerset Discussion
g) *~ 30th Sept : Cardiff Eyewitness Talk

"Bristle Magazine is an independent, alternative, self-funded publication, aiming to provide a space & info for local groups & individuals in Bristol & South West. This months issue includes in-depth news & comments ranging from anti-war activities to the Sainsbury’s milk blockades, we take a look inside New Labour’s dream of prisons without bars. Chuck in some direct action reports; anarchists taking down walls in Israel, mix in some reviews & history lessons, & you are halfway there."
GET YOUR COPY from the outlets below, or send a cheque payable to ‘bristle’, for £1.50, to Bristle, Box 25, Greenleaf Books, 82 Colston St, Bristol, BS1 5BB.
BRISTOL: Big Saver (Easton), BRB International Store (Easton), Bristol Genuine Seedbank (Old Market), Bristol News (Jamaica St), Chelsea Inn (Easton), Circle Books (Bedminster), Cube Cinema (Dove St), Customer’s Choice (Eastville), Eat the Beat (St. Nicholas St), Galliford Stores (Picton St), Greenbank Post Office, Greenleaf Books (Colston St), Harvest Natural Foods (Gloucester Rd), Here (Stokes Croft), A. Jones (Fishponds Rd), Kebele (Easton), La Ruca (Gloucester Rd), Lifestyle (Stokes Croft), Lower Easton Post Office, Sonnis Food & Wines (Mina Rd), One Planet (Picton St), The Plough (Easton), Replay Records (Bedminster), Royce Rolls cafe (St Nicholas market), St Werburgh’s City Farm (St Werburghs), Stokes Croft Post Office, Tangy (Easton), Windmill News (Redfield). BATH: Bath Groovement Records (Walcot St), Happy Daze (Walcot St), Harvest Natural Foods (Walcot St). Porter Butt (London Rd). TOTNES: Harlequin Books

b) BRISTOL MARXIST FORUM : Thu 16th September
Organisers : Bristol Socialist Workers Party
TITLE: "Can we have a world without borders?" Introduced by Dick North.
Date: Thur 16th Sept. Time: 7:00-8:30pm. Free Entry.
Venue: Cafe Orozu, Picton St, Montpelier. MAP BELOW:
"Who really gains from ever more extensive & oppressive border controls? What is the
relation between anti-immigration panics, racism & contemporary global capitalism? Is a
world without borders possible, & on what basis?"

c) CARDIFF PUBLIC MEETING : Mon 20th September
Organised by the Welsh Centre for International Affairs.
TITLE: "The Guantanamo 'Experiment' & Its Consequences For Human Rights."
Date: Mon 20th Sept. Time: 6:30-8:00pm. Free Entry.
Venue: Temple of Peace, Cathays Park, Cardiff. CF10 3AP. MAP BELOW:
SPEAKERS: Azmet Begg, Corin Redgrave (Guantanamo Human Rights Commission)
and Eleanor White (Amnesty Intl Wales).
CONTACT: Tel. 029 2022 8549 or Email:

A fringe meeting during the Lib Dem Conference, & organised by the Dorset Palestininan
/Israeli Peace Group. Link:
Date: Mon 20th Sept. Time: 8:00-9:30pm. FREE ENTRY.
Venue: Islamic Centre, St. Stephen's Rd, Bournermouth BH2. MAP BELOW:
SPEAKERS: "Fadwa Barghouti is coming to this meeting (assuming that she is allowed out of Ramallah) - she is the wife of Marwan who is currently serving 5 life sentences in an Israeli jail & who is on hunger strike. Marwan Barghouti has been called the Palestinian Nelson Mandela - indeed, Mandela threatened to attend his trial which would have been hugely embarrassing for Israel. The trial was held in secret, though, confirming
Israel's status as the only democracy in the Middle East. Jenny Tonge was, Liberal
Democrat MP, has also agreed to speak."

Organisers : Birminghan Stop The War Coalition
TITLE: "End The Occupation Of Iraq". Tel: 07971 976514
Date: Fri 24th Sept. Time: 7:30-9:00om. Free Entry. Venue: Irish Centre, 14-20 High St,
Digbeth (near Digbeth Coach Station), Birmingham B12. MAP BELOW:
SPEAKERS: Tony Benn, Salma Yaqoob (Birmingham Stop the War Coalition), George
Monbiot (campaigner & writer) & John Rees (STWC).

Organisers :
TITLE : "Keeping The Peace - Job For The Army?"
Date: Tue 28th Sept. Time: 7.30 - 9:00pm. TAX: £2.- incl. drinks.
Venue: Minster Rooms, Court Barton, Ilminster. TA19 0DU. MAP BELOW:
BACKGROUND: "Lt Col Bryn Parry-Jones, who has experience in Northern Ireland,
South Africa, Bosnia-Herzegovina/Croatia, Macedonia, Afghanistan & Iraq will speak, with
a discussion afterwards. Peacekeeping missions have become a key tool for the international community in trying to help war-torn countries. Peace-keepers gain the trust of both sides & add to the stability of a cease-fire. But there are complaints.
‘Peacekeeping’, when done through the army, militarises society. The presence of soldiers in uniform raises tensions, & trafficking of women & drugs increases, & building schools & hospitals can be done by civilians at less cost & in a more relaxed atmosphere. Please join in the discussion."
CONTACT: Tel. 01460 53165. Email:

g) CARDIFF EYEWITNESS TALK : Thu 30th September
Organised by the Welsh Centre for International Affairs.
Date: Thu 30th Sept. Time: 7:30-9:00pm. TAX: £5 incl. buffet & wine.
Venue: Temple of Peace, Cathays Park, Cardiff. CF10 3AP. MAP BELOW:
SPEAKER: "Eye-witness talk by Kevin Williams who has been working with street children in Baghdad & recording the views & lives of Iraqi citizens."
CONTACT: Tel. 029 2022 8549 or Email:

Organised By : Women To Women For Peace
DATE: Tue 5th Oct. TIME: 7:00-8:30pm. FREE ENTRY.
VENUE: Malcolm X Centre, Juction of Ashley & City Rd, St. Pauls. MAP BELOW:
BACKGROUND: "Hopes for peace in Israel & Palestine lie with the groups of people working there for peace. Women to Women for Peace, a British group, is arranging a visit to Britain, in October 2004, for women in such organisations. 4 women from Palestine, 4
from Israel will be their guests in Bristol, Cardiff & London, attending public meetings & meeting Members of Parliament, Welsh Assembly Members, & representatives of groups
with similar aims. Ordinary women often have to bear the worst effects in their daily lives of living in a conflict zone & then become crucial in implementing peace.
Founded in 1981 as Mothers for Peace, Women to Women for Peace is a non-political, non-religious organization, financed by donations & the fundraising efforts of its members
& supporters, men & women. We question war as a means of resolving conflict. We help
peacemakers by fostering contacts between ordinary women. We promote inter-cultural
understanding, in recognition of women’s rights & responsibilities. We believe that world
peace will come through the will of ordinary people like yourself. We have a 23 year
history of building bridges between countries in conflict. We support universal human
rights & everyone’s right to live in peace, in security, free from armed conflict of any kind."
Related Link:
REGIONAL CONTACTS: Anyone interested in hearing more about this project or wishing to help, please contact the Women to Women for Peace Co-ordinators:
Jane Harries (Co-chair), in South Wales at
Joy Uglow (Press Secretary), in Dorset at
Jean Grudgings for Bristol at
Tricia Goddard in Somerset at
Sylvia Baker in Somerset at

Related Links: &
The European Social Forum is coming to London from 14th -17th October 2004. It will consist of some 900 events proposed by around 1,000 organisations. It will be held in
Bloomsbury & Alexandra Palace, & concludes with a large international anti-war & anti-
privatisation demonstration under the banner of 'Stop Bush & Blair's War' & 'End The
Occupation Of Iraq'. As it is being held 2 weeks prior to the US election it will express
solidarity with the huge anti Bush demos held in the US.
INTERNATIONAL DEMONSTRATION: Sunday 17th October. Assembly point - Russell Square @1:00pm ending up at Trafalgar Square for a rally @3:30pm.
INCLUDES: Music from Asian Dub Foundation at 5:00pm.
For Leaflets:
BRISTOL TRANSPORT: There will be transport from Bristol. Details will be in our October
newsletter. Please contact us for more info:
ABOUT THE ESF: "The ESF is a unique opportunity where social movements, trade unions, NGOs, refugees, peace & anti-imperialist groups, anti-racist movements, environmental movements, networks of the excluded & community campaigns from Europe & the world can come together to discuss how to achieve global social justice for all and debate ways of making 'another world possible'."
FOR MORE ESF INFO: Please visit the ESF website, or check Section 8 of our August newsletter for more information & how to register.

a) The Daily Bristol Peace Vigil
b) The Friday Easton Vigil
c) The Saturday Bath Vigil
d) The Bath STW planning Meeting
e) The Bristol STW Planning Meeting

a) THE DAILY BRISTOL PEACE VIGIL: The Independent Bristol Peace Vigil is an open space for discussion, as well a crucial focus to Bristol's campaigns. We've kept vigil every night (except Sundays) since a few days after 11th Sept 2001, & we'll keep Vigil onwards into the future, but we do need your support to keep our flame alive. If you can only make it for 15 minutes, or a couple of times a month, please still come. Everyone's
welcome at the Bristol Peace Vigil.
TIMES: MON-FRI 5:30-6:30pm & SAT 3:00-4:00pm. PLACE: City Centre.
(Opposite The Hippodrome. St. Augustines Parade). MAP BELOW:

b) EASTON PEACE VIGIL: Every Friday. 5:00pm-6:00pm.
Corner of Robertson Rd & Stapleton Rd. MAP BELOW:

c) BATH PEACE VIGIL: Every Saturday 11.30am-12.30pm. Bath Abbey.
(Off York Street. From the Station walk up Manvers St) MAP BELOW:

d) BATH-STOP-THE-WAR: Hold Regular Meetings. For details Tel: 01225 315480 Emai: Visit:

e) THE BRISTOL-STOP-THE-WAR PLANNING GROUP: Everyone's welcome. We hold a Bristol-Stop-The-War meeting every week, as a forum for local groups to inform each other of their intentions, of finding people to work together on projects. We don't vote at these meetings, as we're not here to force adherence to a consensus view. We do instead discuss issues until we reach broad consensus.
DATE: Every Thursday. TIME: 7:00-8:30pm. PLACE: St. Mary on the Quay
Hall. City Centre. Colston Ave. (Opposite War Memorial). MAP BELOW:  http://www.stree

"... Another world is not only possible, she is on her way. On a quiet day, I can hear her breathing." Arundhati Roy.


Bristol Stop The War