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Letter from our Afghanistan correspondent

Paul Greening | 11.09.2004 09:36 | Analysis | Anti-militarism | Repression | Oxford | World

I write this from Kabul where I can hear rockets exploding in the background.

Bush tries to blur 9/11, attacking Iraq and the war on terrorism. Iraq of
course had nothing to do with 9/11 and was not threat. Just a nasty dictator put
in place by America who was not being obedient.

In Afghanistan Hekmateyer was a killer, extortionist and drug smuggler but he was
a good guy supplied with a large amount of money to fight the Russians. Now he is
not obedient and has been demoted to a fanatical terrorist. Obedience seems to be
the key to the definition of a terrorist.

Has there been a reduction in terrorists attacks since the war on terrorism began?
Of course not. It is amazing that one does not hear the question, why?. Why are
there terrorists? Why do people willingly blow themselves up? Why does most of the
world hate America? Is it because they are all crazy people, less than human and
jealous of the American way of life or are there other reasons perhaps to do with
state terrorism, gross inequality and a sense of hopelessness?

Paul Greening