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Limits to Ignorance: the challenge of informed humanity

Ojembaenweilo | 08.09.2004 10:53 | Ecology | Education | Globalisation

The Annual Conference of the Club of Rome, staged in Helsinki on the 11th and 12th of October, will focus on human inability to respond to the pressing issues we are facing today, such as grave environmental risks, population explosion, and conflicts between cultures. The main questions are: Why? What is wrong with us? What is it with us? Are we all in a state of collective denial?

The Annual Conference of The Club of Rome is a call for rejuvenation of human sanity. We cannot be trusted with our knowledge.

Helsinki, Finland: 2004-10-11 to 2004-10-12
"Limits to Ignorance: The Challenge of Informed Humanity"

2004 Annual Conference

The wealth, volume of information produced has grown enormously in the past few decades. Formerly isolated information today is ever more connected. This globally networked information is ever more easy accessible to a growing number of people world-wide. Standards of education, mobility and cosmopolitanism of the middle class in industrial societies, as well as emerging developing countries, have grown enormously in the past few decades. The volume of information and the range of media have also increased considerably, making information readily accessible to an increasing number of people.

Yet in Yet and in spite of higher standards of education and almost unlimited access to information, the world is still beset by the well known challenges, such as grave environmental risks, a growing gap between the rich and poor, and conflicts between different cultures. The course of humanity has not changed, even though an increasing number of people have all the informational resources needed for responding to the situation.

The crucial question for the future of humanity is:

1. Whether we learn to understand the challenge of sustainable development implicit in this issue in time.
2. What are the thingsis needed for changing ignorance and the lack of vision into global responsibility and awareness?
3. How can we motivate the middle-classes and other responsible actors to make the commitment to achieve global change?

So, in summarising, what we want to bring into public discussion is ... this contradictory development:

On the one hand we recognise an increasing flow of information that may potentially provide us with more knowledge about the world around us. On the other hand we also identify a growing information overload causing confusion and disorientation and an increasing tendency on misuse of information channels, obscuring the premises of the public and private decision-making and increasing to public ignorance.

El Hassan bin Talal, President of The Club of Rome

Markku Wilenius, Finnish Association for C.o.R.


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