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rampart | 05.09.2004 21:53 | Free Spaces | London



Wow! We really supersized the audience on Friday when we put on a McDonald’s themed film night with over 120 people attending. We had to use every seat, cushion, bench, and table in the building and as fast as we could bring seats in, more people were turning up. After the eviction of the ex-Grand Banks Social Centre, which had been holding regular Friday night anti-copyright cinema for over six months, we decided to put on a Friday evening Anti-copyright Cinema in defiance against the closure of these spaces and in solidarity with those who had lost their social centre. We chose to premiere ‘Supersize Me’ (which gets it's official release in UK cinemas on the 10th). We also showed a 19 minute preview of ‘The Corporation’ and ‘McLibel – Two Worlds Collide’, which is particularly relevant at the moment because the case is finally reaching appeal in the European Court of Humans Rights on Monday 7th September.

Since so many people seem to want to watch ‘Supersize Me’, we have decided to repeat the same line up this Wednesday during our regular cinema slot.


After much stress, blood, sweat and tears, the first gig at the rampART went ahead without major hitch on Saturday evening. We had spent much of the week fitting a fire exit and soundproofing but clearly should have spent more time on ventilation, as it was really hot (donations of electric fans most welcome). More time should have been spent on promotion, as the turn out (about 75 people) was really disappointing, especially after all the hard work. However we managed to cover our commitment to the band Gertrude and made about £80 (much of which is currently in the form of liquid assets), which will go towards getting additional facilities at the rampART.


With the stage, fire exit and sound proofing done, the rampART is now ready to host the biggest event so far. The European Creative Forums’ FREE FESTIVAL FOR PEACE!
Entry is by donation, Saturday September 11th, from 1pm to 1am, with those mighty samba soundz from Rhythms of Resistance kicking off the proceedings with their unique rallying call to action. As well as workshops, presentations, and vegan food and organic drink, there is an amazing line up for the PEACE NOT WAR LIVE MUSIC FORUM featuring conscious and political artists including: Fun~Da~Mental (global dance music of radical resistance), Gertrude (all-women post punk outfit), Penny Rimbaud (Crass), The Rub, Visionary Underground (Asian Breakbeat spin-off from Asian Dub Foundation), Carpetface featuring FreeFall Collective, GM Baby, The Unpeople (debut of new set featuring Dutti Hairy, Robb Johnson (folk/rock veteran of peace movement), and many more.

See for full details of the event and come along for the next ECF meeting (Thursday evening) if you’d like to get involved. Help preparing for all this, and help during the day itself, would be much appreciated.


Less than two weeks after the eviction of the ex-Grand Banks in Tufnell Park, another one of London’s squatted social centre has now been evicted. At six-thirty on Friday morning (3rd Sept) about thirty bailiffs and riot cops smashed their way through the front door of Use Your Loaf and seized possession of the building on Deptford High Street, which had been occupied as a centre for social solidarity since summer 2002. There were no arrests and the collective say they will be squatting a new building in the near future.


Sadly, we have had to temporarily close the freeshop as it has been stolen. At some point during the weekend, somebody took the free shop literally, and ran off with the entire clothes rack and everything on it. It probably ended up down at Brick Lane market which has always been something we thought might happen so we usually close up at the weekend. However, with our minds on organising the gig (see below) the freeshop got left out and vanished. Without our nice shinny stainless steel rack we won’t be able to put out the stock, even if we had some. We’ll try to sort out another rack and open the freeshop again when the stock is replenished (donations welcome as usual).


· Mondays from 6pm till 8pm - Social Centre Collective meeting
· Tuesday from 7pm - Video/filmmaking workshop/gathering
· Wednesday from 8pm - free cinema night
· Thursday from 7pm, open meeting of the European Creative Forum


Don’t forget to pop by our website ( and check out indymedia ( for news and events elsewhere. However, the best way to find out what's going on at the rampART itself, is to subscribe to our mailing list. If you are not already subscribed, visit to sign up.

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