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Hungary: Action Required: NO to Council Software Patent Agreement

Zapopan Muela | 25.08.2004 00:07 | Analysis | Education | Technology

Hungarian Council wants to patent sofware. All Hungarian IT associations are against the proposal. Action is required to write all EU MEPs to stop software patent directives.

Subject: [lib-info-society] Hungary: Action Required: NO to Council Software Patent Agreement

[ffii] 400 demonstrators demand
Hungarian No to Council Swpat Agreement


you can find some news from Hungary, whose patent
voted YES to
the Council proposal in spite of their prime
instructions ("broken fax machine").

All major IT associations of the country have
statements against
software patents and against the Council
proposal, and
within the government are expected later this or
early next

Meanwhile our

Urgent Call

has nicely typeset appendices in various
languages. A
large number have
been delivered to governmental authorities in
particular in

and other countries are gradually catching up.

In Germany the state television is currently
handling a
complaint of FFII

More news are found at

Hartmut Pilch, FFII & Eurolinux Alliance
Protecting Innovation against Patent Inflation
330,000 votes 3000 firms against software patents

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