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Bournbrook Nursery Social Centre, Birmingham!!

scbrum | 24.08.2004 22:32 | Birmingham

Bournbrook nursery social cente in birmingham is a place where a dynamic group of people are working to create a space for the local community and a resource centre for activists, the building occupied is a beutifull abandoned nursery which is being tranformed into a useable space for the whole family

Our immediate aim at the moment is getting the cafe and kids play area up and running. If anybody would like to help out please come down or get in touch with us. We are also in need of tables, chairs, paint, and peoples spare time more importantly. This is a space for us all, so if you want to use it for anything get in touch.

No 1 Bournebrook Road
Bournebrook Day Nursery
B29 7BC

With Love From Everyone Down at the social centre.

- e-mail:


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