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Video - Anarchist Award Night at the Grand Banks

remember u R a womble 2, Right? | 21.08.2004 23:48 | Free Spaces | Repression | Social Struggles | London

Monday night award ceremony at the grand banks, everyone was there!

A great night was had by all. All the fans were there to sneak a peak at their favorite anarchists.

2mb, WMV vide file.

remember u R a womble 2, Right?


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real media 2

22.08.2004 00:39

same video, different format



27.08.2004 13:51

"super trooper lights are gonna find ya!" - funny soundtrack.

except it aint funny really.

does anyone know if these guys with the cameras are actual police or just civillians in police clothing? I always wondered about that.


For Your Information

27.08.2004 15:01

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nice video (:

28.08.2004 00:37

its good to use humer and its good to worry the police...


Photographers are not pigs

29.08.2004 14:32

The photographers/video people may dress as pigs and act like pigs but they are not pigs. As far as it is known they are civilian contractors who are allowed to dress ALMOST like pigs.

They have no powers at all and as you see in the video, they are always guarded by a real pig.

And they have no sense of humour too.


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