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VENEZUELA: 23 de Enero Neighbourhood

IMC-Puerto Rico | 14.08.2004 20:32 | Venezuela | Indymedia

The Venezuelan neighbourhoods, that already once took to the streets to stop the attempted media coup of the communication companies and the national oligarchy, are now organized and ready to demand a further reclaiming of democratic spaces for workers and other deprived groups.

Leaving the International Independent Media Centre, rigged up in the Casa Sindical (Union House), in the El Paraiso sector, we went in search for impressions of the general sentiments from those who play the leading role in the bolivarian process.
We took the subway and arrived at the Caracas neighbourhood 23 de Enero (23 of January), where we were received with much affection and fraternity.

The Cultural Foundation Simón Bolivar, in this area, runs social work
directly with the youth in the neighbourhood, maintains public libraries, organizes community assemblies/meetings and gives medical services through the Mission Barrio Adentro (Project Inside the Neighbourhood), promoted by the Bolivarian project.

In a brief and emotional encounter: young Venezuelans, Italians, Austrians, Colombians and Boricuas exchanged impressions on social movemnets and their struggle in Latin America and the world, and the significance to strenghtened the ties of solidarity between different communities.

After decades of persecution and repression by the alternating governments in power in Venezuela, today, this community feels empowered through the reforms of the Bolivarian project. However, even if its true that many structures within the government still are intact, the neighbourhood 23 de Enero will not rest nor will it let be intimidated in their struggle and claims for social justice, as expressed by young people in the community.

23 de Enero, is probably one of the best organized and fighting spirited communities in Caracas, for its ongoing ceaseless struggle and reclaiming of spaces for public participation, a well functioning everday community life, improving cultural life and education and claiming social justice for all people.

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