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Art is like Santa Claus - Difficult to believe...

captain wardobe | 09.08.2004 21:10

this is what happens when you let me near a keyboard for too long!

Art is like Santa Claus - Difficult to believe...

captain wardrobe - August 2004

It seems to me that Art has become a form of elitist graffiti.

Generations after generations of 'Middle class yobs' squeezed through the processing line [otherwise known as Art School]. Streams of young hopefuls saying 'I WOZ ERE' over and over and over again...I should know, I am from this cultural programme.

It may also be true that each time it is in another kind of coded format, which presents itself as a puzzle. These are shown proudly in sterile galleries as if to prove some kind of higher intelligence is at work. It also seems to me that this has become a culture of encryption and decryption.

While In Galleries I feel no different than trying to discern the meaning contained within a stylized 'tag' that can so often be seen sprayed in Stations, Public Toilets and bus shelters around the world.

The mark does have its importance.

This 'tagging has the sole and, frankly in my mind a more honest purpose of identity. Its illegible traits are beside the point.

It is a signature, a logo, a handwritten reminder of humanity.

Within conceptual art is the theory of the death of the author.

This constructed little ditty decrees that by removing all human signs of creation from the artistic process [IE humans creating stuff] the object takes on new life and possible meanings. Eventually this has led to a 'post-modern' culture of IKEA ART. Self-assembly conceptualism. Which by it's own standards should have resulted in the death of the gallery world. After all, all objects have limitless meaning, it is up to us to decide when we feel like being philosophical. This is why the gallery system bit back.

"no, no, it is up to us, the art world, to redefine what art is..." they slyly state, while guaranteeing themselves complete control over a multi billion dollar industry.

I also believe the 'death of the author' was an operation. A scam.

It disconnects the ID from EGO. It denies the artist authority and autonomy.

Individual style had become a bland format. Conceptualism had become dehumanized. Factory-like appearance was de-rigeur.

Then, suddenly. Outsider art was processed and became fashionable.

It became Abstract expressionism part II.

Graphic art was processed and became the new POP art.

Humanistic traits, such as wild, insane thought processes, & obsession became unhinged when re-contextualised by the gallery industry. This expression went through a process of stereotypifying through branding. Dulled and lonely pieces hung and stood lifeless in white walled sterile galleries. Artists became stars again.

These processes are that of the Art world, the dealers and galleries biting back.

Continually seizing control. Control over both imagination & culture as an industry and as a performance that society values via tradition.

Looking back it is not hard to see why Andy Warhol decided to create 'the factory'.

He was acknowledging the Art world as a reality designer. As the State approved cultural controller.

He was fine-tuning the machine.

Meanwhile, all over the world in backwoods, suburbia & mental institutions, the real outsider artists paint draw & express themselves for other reasons behind closed doors, shut curtains and padded cells. They challenge and explore without fear or awareness of playing to an audience. They creatively flagellate, masturbate, and obsess while not being aware it could be perceived as performance. Sometimes they make what they like to make. Sometimes they have to make it.

Others make things because they were born into cultures that traditionally encourage mental journeying and self-awareness.

Their work gives clues to a myriad of processes but with no hint at a final answer.

The answer is personal or tribal and it might not be meant for decoding with an empirical mindset. Indeed, It might not be meant for decoding at all.

Could it be said that this expression allows a valuable experience to be cherished in an ever more uncaring world? A world which increasingly seeks and rewards a flawed empirical ideal of perfection?

The empire of the first world mindset could be seen as all information being processed as data. It's usefulness being in monetary worth because of fleeting fashion, which has itself been perpetuated by industry concerns via blatant plagiarism and viral marketing. Patronizingly, the original object becomes perceived as the 'real thing' and then becomes a product in it's own right.

Society has become a place where products are placed strategically, and so we have come to see all unapproved expression removed from communal areas. Our towns and cities are becoming Grey, lifeless consumer zones, with anyone who decides to take it into their own hands to brighten the place up a bit being punished or ridiculed. Public approval of any communal artworks has been brought down to the lowest common denominator. Corporate Sponsorships omnipresence has become the acceptable face of pollution, a form of Visual muzak.

Corporate Idents are cultural icons. Populations have become desensitized to advertising to the point where the validity of any public artwork on display is questioned if it does not immediately appear to have a purpose. Corporations hope that in the publics mind, sponsorship validates culture. It stamps it's approval via the logo. As far as I can tell the majority never realise that corporate money now dictates the content of both 'acceptable' mainstream and supposedly alternative culture.

the cliche has never been truer: It is the golden rule. He who has the gold, makes the rules.

But these systems of control are more than rules. They are defined within the parameters of every mode of expression.

Of TV, Radio, Print, Electronic Media, Film, Music, Art, Sport, Cuisine. Normality is perpetuated rather than individually or communally explored and questioned.

Tradition is encouraged in order to create bland uniformity & fear of difference.

All cultural products are to be enjoyed in order to feed the Corporate hive. Anything that is free becomes dangerous. Alternative culture is hijacked and marketed. Culture becomes Disenfranchised and then re-enfranchised as a malleable industry.

It is a process of Dehumanization and re-humanization. In short - a money cult of designed reality.

The corporate Hive does not stop at redefining and assimilating the culture we see around us. It wants your inner space too. It craves to turn your body and your mind into a continuously upgradable entity.

This is the Transhumanist agenda.

It can be argued that trans-humanism is a form of neo futurism. Futurism being that artistic movement of the early 20th century which glorified the machine age and saw war and it's transformation into a mechanized indiscriminate tool of killing as a logical evolutionary step.

This neo futurism sees humans evolving to the point known as 'singularity'. This is the complete blurring of human and machine. It is neither artificial intelligence nor Human bio-machinery, but somehow both, simultaneously. It is said to the fateful day in the future when humans as we know them cease to be.

Now, here's a question. Should human evolution be mapped out like this?

Does it not cease to be evolution? Doesn't this start to sound like a plan?

The notion of humans existing within a system is not a new one. After all the Planet is already an eco system and our bodies are already physiological systems.

The transhumanists too, see human imperfection as a thing to be overcome. Human Flaws are seen as unnecessary design faults. They also have to be defined, and these discriminatory processes can be also traced back to the pseudo political science of eugenics.

Perfection becomes a code for eradicating all the very things that make us human. Such as Blemishes, distortions & asymmetry, skin color. Society becomes a medium for transmitting value systems that support these polices.

Who decides what is unnecessary? [see golden rule above...]

What of dirt, odours and bacteria?

Chemical detergents, anti-persperants have been socially adjusting the population for years towards a fear of being seen as an outsider, anti-social behavior is considered anything that opposes corporate authority.

The 60's cliche of Modern society as a utopia of bugless space age sterilty, has slowly become the designed unreachable reality. Within Modern society consumers are constantly conditioned to aspire to be clean in order to get a sexual mate. This fear based behaviorism is apparent through all advertising.

The message is :

"Buy this, and good things will happen to you".

"Do as you are instructed to reap the full benefits of the product"

"Society will reward you for fitting in"

these are psychological trigger mechanisms designed to subliminally instruct you not to question authority - notice the image of an expert. White coat. Smiling. Self assured. The use of graphics to appear scientific.

Pollution as we have seen come in many forms, sound via muzak, vision via adverts, these transmissions are Radio frequencies, & near microwaves. We can observe pollution from power lines and transmitter Aerials, we have reports of Drugs seeping into public water supplies, Flouridation, Viral infections spreading globally & extreme weather.

It is noticeable that Media continually informs us that the Eco system seems to be under various stresses and strains from Human pollution. Heavy Industry has been pumping various chemicals and toxins into both the eco system and us for over a hundred years.

Here is a question: Did these industrial leaders, bankers and those that oversaw these people while in power, really not realize the consequence of their actions?

I think they knew the consequences. Further, I believe pollution is a deliberate form of Mass dosing, of toxic warfare.

It is the control of human evolution. The more pollutants that are placed in the environment, the more cases of cancer. It is not by mere chance that the same companies charged with finding a cure for cancer, Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease, also own the patents on the processes, the industries and companies that are the very causes of this toxicity.

It would be wise to remember that cancer is in fact a form of genetic mutation.

Would it be safe to assume that the corporate industrialists who have enjoyed the power

Over 20th century earth, have had a fair amount of time to fine tune this cancer industry?

What other kind of genetic mutations could be achieved via pollution?

Is this how they are going to achieve their transhumanist agenda?

Why are they doing this?

Does it not seem strange that over the last 150 years, a handful of Elite dynasties have controlled every industry planet earth has ever known?

Why are they the elite?

Power is handed down from father to son, generation after generation, marriages and mating are controlled strictly to preserve what is thought to be elitist qualities. This is exactly the same way Royalty seeks to function. Royal personages are said to be from a lineage.

Society is ordered via a hierarchy. Education systems encourage people to aspire to being an expert within a localized field.

Does this make any sense to you?

If we were to consider evolutionary theory then it would suggest that evolution can only be successful if the seed of the species is propagated far and wide. The more seed that is propagated the more chance of survival for the species.

[Humans should Party, make love and not be discriminate in order to survive]

What exactly are the elite trying to preserve?

I believe that the elite considers their kind as a higher form of species.

And that they believe the purity of their bloodline can be preserved via selective breeding.

That this in itself justifies the way society is ordered.

The closed in-breeding that the Royal households, feudal lords and industrial barons seek to preserve is itself a form of evolutionary control.

This is the foundation for leadership within a global Empire, and is no different to the Nazi ideology of race purity.

However, the experts in white coats tell us that there are too many humans on the planet. That the planets resources are running out, basically because we, the savage impure common humans, in our wild indiscriminate procreation as a species are at fault.

This is psychological warfare.

What resources do we need?

The very same things that the elite industrialists have conditioned humanity to aspire to. Modernity and all it entails. Built on Power via an Oil based economy, a synthetic reality designed by the same purists who seek to evolve us to the point of singularity.

If the world is being deliberately contaminated, wouldn't the elite be infected also?

I believe that the elite desire the point of singularity in order to become godlike.

I think they consider that as they are a 'higher form' as they are, the genetic shifts effects on their cultured bloodlines would allow them to become immortal.

This is the reason they selectively breed. It has been a human experiment for thousands of years. Under the cover of Royal heritage & tradition, some of the paraphernalia and ritual allow the mass population to believe these factions are benign. Some of the Royal rituals are designed however to keep the genetic make-up of the lineage powerful enough to be affected when the genetic shift to transhumanism finally comes [around 2100]

These people believe they own the planet. They are wrong.

These people believe they can control evolution. They are wrong.

THEY FEAR HUMANITY. We are a family, we are many, and they are few.

It is time to stop their experiment and declare planet earth a Republic.

I believe we humans are guardians of this planet. Sitting tenants.

Nobody owns anything.

Yours in peace

Capt. wardrobe

captain wardobe


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added a bit...

10.08.2004 09:51

If you are saying that we need to keep humanity pure from technology, doesn't this qualify you as a kind of elitist?

We have to stop these powerful few from attempting to control evolutuion, In fact Population control, on a global scale is in effect, right now.
The elite will use these arguments to divide factions who oppose them. It will be labelled the racism of the future.
We are constantly told we have choice. This is a programme of modernity conditioning.
What choice do humans have if there are already ordinary human beings who consider themselves above the majority, because of Royalty, heritage, inherited power? Indeed, does it matter if the preparation for the transhumanist leap into the singularity is justified by a self perpetuating illusion?
The powerful will use their beliefs to justify anything, terrorism, genocide, a second coming, an alien invasion.

Remember the golden rule? Those who have the gold, make the rules.

Your belief system has no consequence while these elites steer this planet towards a faked 'evolution'.
They are using scientific rhetoric and the fear of terror to justify the humanization of technology, and the gradual shift of humanity towards an enforce symbiotic relationship with machinery within human inner space. [mind & body]