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Update on Weymouth anti bypass protest site

B | 09.08.2004 14:21 | Ecology | London

Protesters have set up a new camp on proposed route of Weymouth relief road. They urgently need tools and support!

Activists have been in occupation of an area of woodland on the route of the Weymouth Relief Road since the beginning of July. Now they have withdrawn from the woods and set up a site in a prominent place at the beginning of the proposed road route. The road, which would cut through areas of outstanding natural beauty and ancient woodland in its proposed length of 6 km, was due to be built a decade ago but was shelved due to fierce opposition from activists and locals. Now they are trying to push it through again and activists hope to raise awareness of the damage it will cause by building defences at the beginning of the route. They have erected a tower which is highly visible from the surrounding area. They could do with a visit. The site is really close to the beach! Donations of the following would also be extremely welcome:
wood for building, boards, beams etc.
stuff for making banners
The site is behind a Safeways, off the A354 behind a roundabout where Dorchester Rd meets Weymouth Way. Site mobile: 07800 760257. Email for more info.