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Government Office Civil Servants Spy On Poor Working Class Communities!

Mike Lane | 04.08.2004 11:35 | Repression | Liverpool | London

After the explanatory text below is an email, which was sent to me by typical condescending indoctrinated senior bourgeoisie Government Office civil servant, who panders to the bourgeoisie senior New Deal administrators who have set themselves up in my community. In the eyes of this bourgeoisie Government Office civil servant, the bourgeoisie senior New Deal administrators can do no wrong. Below Liz Gill’s email is my reply in answer to her.

There is one issue that must always be taken into account and kept in mind when an emancipated (liberated) proletariat (working class person) is dealing with oppressive bourgeoisie (middle class) civil servants who represent the dictates of central government. That issue is the use of the present updated (and made even more draconian by New Labours Jack Straw when he was Home Secretary) “Harassment Laws.” Local government civil servants (council officers) and all the agencies which work with them in poor proletariat communities are now regularly using the these draconian laws. It will only be a matter of time before they start using them to silence and imprison proletariat dissidents. You can now be charged under the harassment laws for just looking at a bourgeoisie the wrong way. The many City Councils, RSL's and other local and central government agencies now have tape recorders fitted to their phone systems so as to entrap the proletariat dissident.

The Government Office for Merseyside (GOM) (Government’s Office is situated in Cunard Buildings, which is situated at the Peirhead) civil servant who is responsible for watching over the Liverpool Kensington £62m New Deal for Communities Initiative is a Lady called Liz Gill. As is always the case these central government civil servants are blind to what goes on in a poor proletariat community. I have spent hours talking with people like Liz to absolutely no avail. Other people from this NDC community have also spent hours talking to people like Liz Gill and like me; they may as well have been talking to themselves.
Government Office civil servants are representatives of a state that represses and spies on working class communities because we still represent a threat to the existence of that state machine, or at least to its smooth running. Civil servants like Liz Gill exemplify the fact that there is a bourgeoisie cultural emergence going on at the moment in this country because New Labour has lost its commitment to the proletariat (which it probably never ever had anyway.

Liz Gill's email sent to me:

Hello Michael

Thank you for your message and the link to Indymedia in the second
e-mail. It is always interesting to have your feedback. Far from
spinning out of control Kensington NDC is still there, still consulting
the residents of Kensington and having the debate in the neighbourhoods.
"Nearly five years....nothing of great relevance has been achieved" is
pretty strong language - clearly the greater part of the work remains to
be done as it should in a long term initiative - but a great deal has
also been achieved already in physical redevelopment, crime reduction,
educational attainment and employment. The Board and the NDC team
should be applauded for their work in partnership with the residents,
businesses and the service providers.

The community board members have all been elected through an
accountable process agreed with the Government Office. Vacancies on the
board are widely publicised in Kensington.

Housing renewal is a priority for Kensington. The plans for each
neighbourhood are being supported by neighbourhood renewal assessments,
one of which has already been published. Inevitably some housing is
beyond repair and should be demolished before it becomes totally unfit.
Each resident affected by demolition will be able to talk through their
options with the Council/NDC team but it is important that residents
take up this offer of discussion.

CCTV cameras were discussed at the Board meeting last week - they are
fully operational, they are repaired quickly and they are being given
additional protection, where needed, from vandalism.

Hope this helps.

My email reply sent to Liz Gill

To the “On Highest” and most “Omnipotent” Liz Gill,

This is a typical answer from a typical member of the bourgeoisie who has been brainwashed by the state into thinking that the state is omnipotent. The cameras are still broken in the Edge Hill area of the NDC zone. Why don't you leave your comfortable Government Office of the state, which spies on communities in Liverpool, and come down here and have a look? Oh, I forgot, bourgeoisie representative of the bourgeoisie run state, especially those bourgeoisie officials who live in the prosperous bourgeoisie suburbs, like you probably do, would not be seen dead around the proletariat Edge Hill. Heaven forbid, you may be accosted by one of our, using you typical bourgeoisie rhetoric, socially excluded proletariat citizens.

There can be no dialogue between you and me, your an oppressor bourgeoisie civil servant who is happy perpetuating the powers of this corrupt state that us proletariat have to live under. But there is one thing that is concrete, you are brainwashed and I am emancipated and as such am not a prisoner to mysticism, as you most defiantly are.

There can be no dialogue between the proletariat and the bourgeoisie civil servant. The bourgeoisie are on the march again and the emancipated proletariat are aware of this. It would seem that class antagonisms are on the increase yet again.

Mike Lane

Mike Lane
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