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SchMOVIES (SchNEWS films are now on-line)

SchNEWS films | 28.07.2004 16:08 | Indymedia | World

SchNEWS are finally producing their own films. Available to download free from our website. Click on SchMOVIES and have a look.

SchNEWS is finally producing it's own short films. Click on the SchMOVIES icon on our website and you're in.

So far a lot of them were derived from the recent SchNEWS at Ten tour but more have been added. Check out the Dissent trailer. All of them are free to download and obviously anti-copyright.

If ya have any comments to make contact SchNEWS on our website. To harrass the filmmaker contact

We are up for hosting screenings and other such events. Also if anyone has any short footage that they feel would make a good SchNEWS film get in contact the usual way.

The SchNEWS film called WHOSE IN CHARGE? which covers the creation and impact of our funny little one sheet will be out at the end of the year. Hopefully in time for our birthday in November.

Keep on watching.

SchNEWS films
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29.07.2004 13:03

do u plan on giving us the password to access the webspace on (hint: you mentioned the URL as your website)

give it to me