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William Cuffay | 23.07.2004 12:20 | Free Spaces | World

The Use Your Loaf squatted Social Centre is under threat of eviction. Come down and help us save this space.


Use Your Loaf is a squatted social entre, in Deptford, South London, which has been occupied since Spring 2002.

On Wednesday 21 July the building was boarded up out of the blue, by agents of the owners (a property company, with who we have had no contact at all since we squatted the place). However, 3 hours after this the collective repossessed the building, as they had not damaged or secured the place. There was unfortunately no-one in the Centre when this happened.
On Friday 23rd at around 10am, people in the building
were surprised by a group breaking in, claiming to be
agents for SKT, the letting agents and chartered
accountants who act for Glen International, alleged
owners of the place. They
left notices (not particularly legal), telling us to get out, and
told occupiers verbally that work was starting on the
place soon... They seemed unclear on the law, and the
fact that they have to take us to court to get us out.

About an hour and a half later, 2 cops arrived, saying
they had been told to meet someone from SKT here, as
the place had been or was being burgled! Since no-one
from SKT turned up to meet them they went away.

We don't know if they are planning to return today or
not. The notice they left tells us to leave by Monday
(26th July), so we assume they will come back to try
and take the place then. So far they haven't been
heavy, the opposite in fact, but that may change if we
continue to refuse to move.

So we are asking for people to come down and help
defend the Centre. Certainly we need people to come
Monday morning, we are also asking for people to come
down today (Friday) if they get this message, to help
secure the place, and to support the cafe tonight
(hopefully not our last cafe!). People can ring us on
07984 588807. Please at least come down Monday morning
as that may be the crunch time.

We're not planning on leaving without a fight. This building has been empty for ten years at least, we've made it into a lovely little space for friendly and happy self-activity. We want it to stay that way. So give
us a hand if you can.

The Use Your Loaf Collective

Use Your Loaf, 227 Deptford High St, London, SE8

Tube: New Cross
DLR: Deptford Bridge
Overland: Deptford
Buses: 47, 53, 188, 199, 225, 453.

William Cuffay
- e-mail:


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