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A57/A628 Mottram Bypass - News from the local paper

Little Em | 22.07.2004 16:16 | Ecology | Free Spaces | Sheffield

An article suggesting that work is approved and going ahead in the local paper today. This is at odds with both the response of the Peak Park Authority, at a recent meeting, and the usual planning procedure, that requires the draft Orders to be published and a Public Enquiry to be held before *any* building work begins.

Here is a copy of the full article (not available online, hence written out here).

"Earlier move for bypass"

"Earth movers could be rolling on site 12 months early to being building the long-awaited multi-million pound Longdendale Bypass.

The Peak Park Transport Forum has announced a 2006 start date - after rejecting an alternative scheme by Translink.
Members turned down proposals to move cross-Penning goodes traffic by rail by re-opening the closed for 30 years Woodhead Tunnel.
And linking both ends with the Hattersley and Deepcar near Sheffield by a 'roll on and roll off shuttle" [Terrible English - the journalists, not mine!]
Now the way is open for a bypass stretching from Mottram through Hollingworth to beyond Tintwistle.
Tameside Executive Leader Cllr. Roy Oldham said: "I am pleased to see the Translink proposal was rejected by the group, simply because it was not a viable option..."

See for other info on this topic.

Thanks for reading,
Little Me

PS - Who are the Peak Park Transport Forum? They're based in Macclesfield, so can easily be said to be quite out of touch with the mood of local residents who will be directly affected by this announcement and any road, should it get the go-ahead.

Little Em
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