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Lenin Najera-last news from Ecuador

sara | 15.07.2004 11:51

The killers of the political activist from Ecuador, Lenin Cali, have been identified although motives are still unknown

This info is translated from that appearing in Ecuador imc(, no links or references for the news are given there, just the following text appears in their main column:

Lenin was murdered by two members of the Nación Latin Kings (Latin Kings Nation), which gathers thousands of gangs in USA, Ecuador, El Salvador, Spain, etc.

Although they have been identified they have not been arrested and therefore the motives of the killing cannot be clarified. The circumstances in which he was killed raises doubts because he was first shot in cold blood and then his wallet and shoes were taken from him.

Political motives for the murder are not rule out



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  1. Pretty sure they're 'criminal' street gang — @lex