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John Wardle makes 10million Thanks to 3rd world exploitation

piss on there picnic | 08.07.2004 13:46

John Wardle has just sold an 11% share in his company JD Sports for 10 million pounds, how does this compare to the wagews the people who make the garments he sells?

'John Wardle reduced his stake in John David Group, the group name for JD Sports, from 26 per cent to 14.6 per cent by selling 5.4 million shares to a company owned by the clothing maker Pentland Group.'

'The sale, at 185p a share, raised £10m for Mr Wardle, but has fuelled rumours that JD could be taken private. Pentland owns a number of clothing and footwear brands such as Kickers, Speedo, Berghaus and Red or Dead. JD is a very large customer of its goods, and the two are understood to have a very close relationship. '

'In countries around the world people are suffering abuses as they make the clothes that we wear. Sweatshop workers are routinely forced to work beyond their physical limits. Even as they toil around the clock, workers are barely paid enough to exist. On-the-job injuries occur regularly, and physical abuse and sexual intimidation are not uncommon. '

Asked for a response to John Wardle's business windfall, staff at No Sweat replied 'He's a Wanker!'

piss on there picnic