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Film of Falluja Protest in Oxford

sociétélibre | 08.07.2004 13:45 | Anti-militarism | Oxford

Here's a nice film, "Wud'Ja Fallujah It!", made by the Schnews crew, about the Falluja protest that took place in Oxford.

A few months ago, more precisely on April 16th, following the Schnews gig in Oxford organised by Oxford Indymedia (see, people moved to the newly opened squatted social centre OCSET to plan direct actions about what was happening in Iraq at that time, especially about the massacre in Falluja.

It was then decided to go directly to the streets and read out loud Jo Wilding's report about the situation in Falluja, which was completely ignored by the corporate media. This resulted in a very powerful direct action; see and for reports and pictures.

Schnews just made available a very nice film of this direct action; have a look at, it's the third film.

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