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Sainsbury's London Depot Blockaded

Bike Boy | 02.07.2004 09:07 | Bio-technology | Ecology | Social Struggles | London

Anti-GM protestors shut down Sainsbury's vast state-of-the-art distribution centre at Waltham Point in north London last night. Lorries were turned away and protestors locked on to the main gates and used a steel arm tube ring to block deliveries and departures.

The protestors were part of a co-ordinated nationwide blockade which shut down all six of sainsbury's national distribution centres. Throughout the country, farmers joined with enviromental activists to hammer Sainsburys for breaking their pledge not to use GM products. The protest targetted the use of GM feed for cows used in milk production for Sainsburys, which shoppers are often not aware of. It is way of getting GM in through the back door.

The depot in London has only been open a few months and uses high-tech 'just-in-time' methods for loading and stock control. Six protestors formed a steel arm ring to block the 'goods in' gate, whilst two others locked on with D locks to the 'goods out' gate. Rattled Sainsbury's security guards were nonplussed, and helpfully closed the gates which were promptly padlocked by the demonstrators. As workers at the depot got over their shock, some expressed support for the action.

The depot was finally shut for 2 1/2 hours before heavy handed Essex police moved in and arrested the arm-locked protestors before dragging them away on wheeled pallets. Later, the two D locked protestors voluntarily moved, and two others were assulted by police when they tried to block a lorry entering. 8 arrests were made in total.

Bike Boy