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Coca-Cola´s nazi adverts exhibition in Colombia

Imaginative Dissent | 25.06.2004 21:06 | Globalisation | Repression | Social Struggles

Members of ´Imaginative Dissent´, Mark Thomas, Tracey Sanders-Wood, Fisheye and Emilio Rodriguez, are currently in Bogota, Colombia, working in Solidarity with Colombian workers to highlight Coca Cola´s crimes in the region and elsewhere.

Coca Cola Colombia exhibition flyer
Coca Cola Colombia exhibition flyer

The English political comedian Mark Thomas and the Welsh London based artist Tracey Sanders-Wood bring the art exhibition "Coca Cola´s Nazi adverts" to Bogota on Monday 28th June.

The exhibition received widespread press coverage and controversy when it opened in London, England. The organisers, Mark Thomas and Tracey Sanders-Wood, asked artists to imagine the adverts and images of Coca Cola´s (Germany) collaboration with the Nazis.

Coca Cola germany not only advertised in the Nazi army papers, not only created bottling plants in occupied territories, but created their popular brand ´Fanta´, specifically in Germany for the Nazi market.

The CEO, Max Keith, held Coca Cola rallies with the company slogan surrounded by Swastikas, and there is strong reason to believe the company used forced labour.

The exhibition of 150 images, created by artists, teachers, children and discontented advertisers shows how Coca Cola is used to working with repressive regimes.

Here in Colombia 8 Coca Cola trade unionists have been assasinated, some inside the bottling plants. Coca Cola faces court action in America over these killings and human rights abuses.

The organisers hope to encourage everyone from artists to children to create their own images to show how the multinational works here in Colombia.

The organisers said, "Our aim is to build an international grassroots exhibition where the communities in struggle with the multinational tell their stories through the art"

In India Coca Cola´s bottling plants have exploited the water resources leaving thousands without proper water and farmers destitute as their crops fail. In Mexico the Coca Cola company is privatising the water. In El Salvador Coca Cola´s sugar is harvested by children as young as 8 years old. Their are many stories to tell.

Our aim is to tour the exhibition internationally, and to finally take this exhibition to the H.Q. of Coca Cola in Atlanta,USA to show the true story of this company.

Imaginative Dissent
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way to go

25.06.2004 23:18

.. and Coke is really disgusting stuff, its only use a toilet cleaner.



quick translation of flyer

26.06.2004 06:47

"by a free market, sovereign lord,
without cultural or religious borders,
Coca-Cola also is IT!"


on the hooded man it says, "the sparkle of life!"


Yes is true

23.11.2005 14:08

i live in bogota, colombia and i stay true to my convictions, all these notices about the peoples killings are true!

Colombian Guy XxX
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