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when sailors go astray.

ipsiphi | 25.06.2004 18:21 | Repression

Three sailors went up the Shannon today, not quite the Persian Gulf,
but still a treachorous delta at the best of times.
Their intent-
To protest against Bush the Second, President of the USA, he known as "dubya wookie one".

They were arrested in their little boat, and taken aboard a vessel of the United States Navy where they are being held.

Apparantly the waters between the counties of Clare and Limerick in south western Ireland are now United States jurisdiction.

The three arrested include Comandant Ed. Horgan former officer in charge of tanks and things who served with honour, medals and kudos for the United Nations Peacekeeping forces in Lebanon, back in the XX century when the United Nations still got involved in peace keeping, and lebanon and stuff like that.

Updates on Ireland indymedia.

Now let's be honest-
we were up all night, this week, writing the Iranians letters and faxes,
campainging for your sailors to be brought home.
You owe us. Do your best.

Write and Fax the U.S.A.
and request that our protesters be released from this state,
known the world over for it's appaling human rights record,
bad dress code, intolerance and snuff videos.



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