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Brunswick Georgia G-8 Arrestees Begin Hunger Strike

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There are still 10 people in the Glynn County Jail in Brunswick, Georgia, 9 males and one female. Four of the Brunswick Ten have begun a hunger strike and are demanding that the charges for all 15 arrested on Thursday's walk to Sea Island be dropped.

The Brunswick Ten are still being denied access to the press, visititation from friends and family, and the ability to meet with their lawyers as a group which is hindering their legal preparations. [PRESS RELEASE] [UPDATE] Daily vigils outside the Glynn County Jail will be held at 2pm, corner of Reynolds and H streets, and in front of the courthouse at 7pm on Reynolds between G & H streets. The preliminary hearing for the Brunswick Ten is scheduled for next Thursday, June 24th.

statement of the prisoners:

denial of access to media, legal aids, family members:


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