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Activist Armada: Pirates of the G8

The Pirates | 18.06.2004 11:19 | G8 2005 | Free Spaces | Globalisation | Repression | World

On Wednesday June 9th, 10 Pirates did the unthinkable: they set sail toward Sea Island against all odds. Determined to make their message heard these activists brought their banner and their voices to the summit doors ignoring the weather, the darkness, and the warnings of danger.

A video of their journey is now available online:

streaming low quality:

high-speed version (larger and much better quality): (ca 50 MB)

The Pirates
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18.06.2004 18:10

erm... probably best avoid downloading this one. even the low bandwidth version.
it's a nine minute film of american kids giggling lots on a beach with some inflatable boats, in the dark, shot with night vision, out of focus, shakey, no content, no issues, no action, no information, no entertainment.


well incredibly funny

19.06.2004 08:15

i find it quite funny, and though the quality of the film is pretty crap, I like the action and feel with the activists. And apparantly they even made it over to sea island and back (if the information given in the film can be trusted), which is a huge success and I like the activist holding the banner towards the police and also I like it when the coast guard asks the protesters: "do you all live here?" and they say "no, we are just visiting" and the policeman says: "o well, that's alright then".