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The Day After Tomorrow at the Rampart

rampart | 14.06.2004 19:41 | Free Spaces | London

On wednesday the 16th June at the Rampart Community Creative Centre and Social Space, an evening of climate chaos...

[See also, Eviction Alert?]

On the evening of wednesday 16th, from 8pm, the Rampart will be hosting a film night themed on the issue of climate change.

With the heat rising in London and beyond, we'll be showing a series of short films from Rising Tide and other films relating to direct action against some of the causes of climate change. Then, just for a laugth, we'll be showing the Holywood blockbuster, The Day After Tomorrow.

If you've got leaflets or any information you'd like to bring along for others, please do.

And, if you are not busy on thursday, perhaps you'd consider staying over to meet the baliffs and help build a new social space - [see 'Eviction Alert? Defend the Rampart']