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Eviction alert? Defend the rampart 17th June

rampart | 14.06.2004 19:31 | Free Spaces | London

This is a call for people to come to Rampart Street on Thursday 17th June...

This could be nothing, and probably is. However, it appears that baliffs may be arriving on thursday to reposses at least one of the properties on Rampart Street.

For almost five weeks now, a block of four houses and one school/warehouse have been occupied by squatters. The block used to be owned by the Rampart Trust but has recently been sold to property developers who, it seems, wish to do up the properties, perhaps to match the standards (and rents) of the yuppified studio flats opposite.

One of the four houses does not contain squatters, but instead continues to house the office of an accountant who has been a tenant in the property for 12 years. Unlike all the other rent paying tenents in the block, he has no been found alternative premisis and has refused to give up his tenancy.

Information is sketchy but it appears that a reposession order has been granted even though the accountant was not informed of a court hearing and the baliffs are booked to take possesion on the 17th.

What is not clear is whether the repossesion applies to the other houses and the rampart community creative centre and social space which is being developed in the school and the ground floor of two of the houses.

It is therefore requested that anyone that could spare some time on the 17th could come along to offer support and active resistance to attempts to evict either the accountant or the social centre.

There is however a strong possibility that nothing much will happen (although beter to assume it will and prepare for it) and so arrangements will be made to make a day of sorting out an events space within the school.

The ground floor of the school has loads of potential and with a few people it will be possible to quickly transform the space into a great events space. The facilities currently housed in the hall at 7a could be moved into a space six times the size.

Please come along and bring your creativity with you.

In the evening we can have a bit of a social, a few films and some music.

Please get in touch in advance if you can to let us know you are planning to come. This will allow us to prepare better.

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