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Barcelona Forum 2004: "sans-papiers" in cathedral forced to evacuate it

bad words | 06.06.2004 14:28 | Anti-racism | Migration | Repression

Barcelona Forum 2004: "sans-papiers" in cathedral forced to evacuate it with violence by the police

After the demostration of this sameday afternoon, 2 occupations, the church "Esglesia del Pi" and the Barcelona Cathedral. Cathedral has been disloged, the other resist. We don't know if all the arrested people is free now.

A demostration with a lot of persons (someone was saying 5-10000), "illegal" people, was at Barcelona streets the last afternoon.

At last, they go to occupy 2 churches at center of the city: Esglesia del Pi and the Cathedral. At the midnight, there are 200 persons at the first and 1000 at the cathedral. Then, the state police encircle the cathedral. The "left" and new catalonian government (socialists-ecopacifists-independentists) and the "left" and new state government (socialists) don't want to know nothing about this action. Some arrested people at the first church.

At 5:00, the police go inside the cathedral and force to evacuate it. Then, there are some attacks of the police at the cathedral square and outside Esglesia del Pi.

Today, sunday there are one demostration to help them: 18:00 in the center (pl. Catalunya)

It is important to remember it is celebrating in Barcelona the Forum 2004 of the Cultures, an institutional celebration, the face of the hypocrisy while in the streets we are celebrating the repression of the European fortress

(Never at the Franco's dictatorship the police goes inside a church to fight the antifranquists)

(more info at, best in catalan, spanish, working to translate to english, we need some help to do it)

bad words
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another report about the church occupation in barcelona

08.06.2004 20:36

On Sunday, 6 june 04, i got the following report in an email - it says the same as the one above, but it expresses so much urgency that I want to post it as well:

The battle took place tonight, and it was an intense and violent one. Following a demonstration which united more than 5000 people, 2000 Sans Papiers occupied Barcelona Cathedral, and 200 the Church Santa Maria del pie. The police violently evicted the occupiers of the cathedral at 4am, forcefully breaking the door of the cathedral. This morning, the church Santa maria del pie is still occupied. It will be very difficult to stay there as we don't have the support of the church. The government can get a paper signed by the priests, which authorises the police to forcefully evict the occupiers - and that's what they did. Looking at the papers in the web, this action is on the first page of all the Spanish newspapers.

Today at mid-day, there is a gathering at the Santa maria del pie, at 6pm a demonstration at the Plaza Cataluña.

- end of report -

The sans papiers in Barcelona (people without official papers) need translation support. If you can translate from Spanish or Catalan to English, you could help them a lot by translating articles (for expl. from imc barcelona) and post the translations on the imc uk newswire.