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Fisher Scientific embarrased at Lancaster University over their links with HLS

Lancaster ARG | 27.05.2004 15:02 | Animal Liberation

A group of activists found out that a supplier of Huntington Life Sciences, Fisher Scientific, were to be holding a exhibition/stall in the Foyer of the Envorinmental Science Building so went to give them some company...

We decided that as they were coming to our university, that we would give them some friendly, peaceful, company.

Fisher Scientific supplies lab equiment to Huntington Life Sciences in Cambridgeshire. It has been requested that the company sever its links with the sick animal torturers at HLS but have yet refused.

A group of four of us took some leaflets and a banner and set up next to their stall, much to the dismay of the staff at the stall - who promptly asked for security. We handed out leaflets and spoke to some passers by, as well as the staff from FS.

After a while, security arrived at the scene and tried to get us to move. As we were students ourselves we refused to do this. This meant that more security was called and also the Police.

After a while of waiting for the police to arrive, they discussed with the security staff that they wouldn't do anything as the manager of the building had said we could be there. This really annoyed the security with threats of 'reporting us to the university' etc...

Not many people stopped at the stall whilst we were there.

We asked again that the FS staff request that their bosses pull the company out of HLS.

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