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Arms company shut down

24.05.2004 03:40 | Smash EDO | Anti-militarism | Iraq

Early in the morning on Thursday the 20th May 2004, around 20 anti-arms trade activists arrived at the premises of EDO MBM Technology in Brighton. EDO MBM manufacture bomb and missile release components for military aircraft; they are on record as being “proud” to support the ongoing occupation of Iraq.

A 'cage' was set up blocking the access road and banners were hung, one offering a potential corporate slogan: 'Every Death an Opportunity'. Shortly afterwards, more activists ‘appeared’ on the roof of the factory, while others handed out leaflets explaining what must have seemed an interesting intervention in the workers mundane trudge to work. All but the suited senior management types turned around and had the day off.

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The ‘cage’ roadblock with protestors locked on
The ‘cage’ roadblock with protestors locked on

Police eventually removed the blockade and arrested 6 people who were locked on to it. They were unable to get the people down from the roof of the building. One came down voluntarily after several hours because he had broken his ankle. Three more came down later after enjoying the sunshine and unrivalled views of Brighton from around 7am until late afternoon. All these 4 were arrested. One person remained on the roof until late evening and was also finally arrested.

Tactically the action was highly successful - the company was shut down for the day. Said 'The man with the plaster cast,'

I highly recommend anyone with a local arms dealer get 10 mates together and shut them down for the day, it's easy and if done carefully non-chargable ;-)

Corporate website: EDO MBM


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