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Demo for Kebba Jobe - Camden Lock Saturday

mark | 19.05.2004 15:30

Another death at the hands of police - Demonstration for Kebba Jobe

Kebba Jobe, a 42-year-old father of seven was killed by police on 15/5/05 around 2pm in broad daylight at Camden Lock. Yet another person dies due to police "restraints". The time is here for action. All we ask for is justice and an end to this police brutality.

There will be a demonstration on Saturday 22/05/04 at 2pm, starting from Camden Lock and going along to Kentish Town police station. All supporters welcome.

In a truly sickening twist of fate Kebba Jobe was the cousin of Ibrahima Sey another person who died at the hands of the police supposedly in their custody. Kebba was a fervent campaigner for justice for Ibrahima.

Who is Kebba Jobe? ( from )

"Kebba Jobe is a 37 year old Gambian who has lived in Britain since 1994. His father has lived here for the last 36 years and his two sisters were born here and live in Peterborough. His Mother is dead - he has no close relatives in Gambia.

Jackie met and fell in love with Kebba and they married in 1995. They now have a 3 year old daughter Rohey. Jackie is from Hemel Hempstead. Kebba, Jackie and Rohey live together in Camden. Now the Jobe Family face being torn apart

Kebba applied for Asylum in 1995. He was turned down. He applied for leave to remain on the basis of his marriage to Jackie and that was also turned down, despite the fact that he has been living with Jackie for the last 4 years bringing up his daughter Rohey.

One Tragedy is Enough

Kebba is the cousin of Ibrahima Sey, who died on March 15th 1996 after he was taken into custody by Forest Gate police officers and taken to Ilford Police Station. Ibrahima was restrained by the Police who handcuffed him and sprayed CS (pepper) spray in his face. According to police accounts, Ibrahim then became unwell and was taken to hospital where he died at 6.23am.

For Kebba and Jackie the violent death in police custody of Ibrahima was very traumatic, both were active in the campaign for justice for Ibrahima. Having a relative killed in this way is unimaginable. Then to be told you are to be deported to Africa leaving your wife and child behind is beyond comprehension."

Another death at the hands of the police. This is just another facet of the government's rascist immigration /asylum policies and the facist logic of the Metropolitan Police Force. It's a crack down by the rich ( the establisment ) against the poor with the aid of the military-industrial complex ( and that includes the police ). This is a global dispute.

There ain't No Justice - Just Us



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