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"Printworks" Social Centre opens in Glasgow

plagiarism | 19.05.2004 10:41 | Free Spaces

On May the first, international workers' day, the Glasgow Autonomous Project opened "Printworks", a social centre in the heart of Glasgow, under a now extended temporary lease till end of June. "Printworks" has been open now every day from noon till 9 pm, offering a space for events and workshops.

The aim is "to work together for social change, rather than depending on politicians and other bosses, to participate directly in building a better society through grassroots organisation."

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Building in which the Social Centre is located
Building in which the Social Centre is located

Various workshops, such as the Health and Healing workshop, public discussions on for example ID- cards, and regular group meetings such as e.g. the Glasgow Zapatista Solidarity Group, the sister organisation of the Edinburgh Chiapas Solidarity Group take place in the centre, alongside with political and educational film screenings, in collaboration with the Camcorder Guerillas Video Group and also encouraging scots and gaelic language.
Alongside these events, the "Printworks" Social Centre also functions as a drop-in place with peer-2-peer support, offering free tea and coffee alongside information and conversation about local and world affairs.

"Our main aims in founding the centre are to encourage individuals and groups in the Glasgow area to take more control of their lives and to give them the support they need to do so, by providing a safe, welcoming venue where we can work and socialise together."

To find out more contact or pass by:

Printworks Social Centre,
58 Albion Street,
G1 1LH
tel: (0141) 552 4551

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