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Consensus/facilitation workshop

osan | 13.05.2004 21:27 | Education | Oxford

Sunday 23 may
12 pm
Corpus Christi, NEW MUSIC ROOM, Oxford

Open to everyone!

OSAN is organising this very useful workshop on consensus decision making, with a person with relevant experience in the field. It's a fantastic opportunity to learn how to facilitate meetings using consensus decision-making, what "facilitator" means, how to operate in "stressful" situation using "quick concensus", etc. If you've ever wondered what consensus decision-making means, how it can work, how a group can operate without using majority vote and still be effective (!), or if you've already experienced this kind of decision-making but are not enough confident to explain in to other people and introduce it in other groups, this is for you! :-)

This is open to anyone, not only students! Come as many as possible! :-)

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