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an odd show of RESPECT

annon | 04.05.2004 13:34

after having a look on the net, I found an interesting article in relation to the leader of MAB Anas Al-Tikriti and his "reasons for standing" for RESPECT.

The former MAB (Muslim Association of Britain) president Anas Altikriti will top the list of candidates for the George Galloway/SWP coalition Respect in the June Euro-election Yorkshire and Humberside.

Although he was not selected as a candidate by the Yorkshire and Humberside convention last month, he was confirmed to top the list at a meeting in Leeds on Saturday 3 April. In fact, the Socialist Worker newspaper had already announced he had been selected the week before!

The former president was previously MAB’s director of press relations and was responsible for MAB’s campaign to get Muslims to vote for the Lib-Dem candidate Sarah Teather in the Brent East by-Election.

Cynical observers have suggested that Altikriti’s late decision to be a Respect candidate is due to the Lib-Dems turning him down from their Euro list.




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04.05.2004 16:30

Googlin' on this:

Brings up some stuff, including the source of the article:

Personally I find reposts from other web sites really dull and generally a total waste of space -- if something is so important please take the time to write something original!


who cares

04.05.2004 16:44

who cares about these nobodies? Respect is a load of old arse which will be led down the same root as the Socialist Alliance. The working class don't need false prophets.


annon policies & position stinks

05.05.2004 10:10

workers liberty have more in common with the right wings shits when it comes to their position on islam. check out the above website -it accusses MAB being linked to islamic fundermentalist- the SUN newspaper could not have put it better.

red letter