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Des Warren died April 24th, his funeral this Wednesday 5th May

Kai Andersen | 04.05.2004 08:37 | Culture | Repression | Social Struggles | Liverpool

Des Warren died on April 24th, his funeral is this Wednesday 5th May 11.15am at Blacon Crematorium Chester.

This is part of our collective working class history take a look at the following links to get a background to the man and his struggle an outstanding trade unionist and socialist.

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a great working class fighter

04.05.2004 10:03

From what I know and have read about Des he was a great man and a sad loss to our movement. We are losing many of the old fighters: Brian Wilson, the sheffield housing activist, others are being struck down by asbestos and other work related ilnesses. How different they are to the union buraucrats: Dean, Monks,etc, with their comfortable lives knighthoods and six figure salaries, they were not fit to lick Des's boots...

We will not see his like again...

sheff one

Working class hero

04.05.2004 16:53

Dessie was a true working class hero in every sense of the word. It was good that he was remembered at this year Workers Memorial Day commemoration. Best wishes to his family and friends.


A relic

05.05.2004 12:03

Des was a relic of a past Britain could do well to forget. A time when union power nearly killed this country. A time when trouble causers like him cared little for their "comrades" and a lot more about collecting the monthly bung from Moscow.

I'm sorry to hear he's dead but to present him as some sort of workers champion is is stupid


Des was a hero

05.05.2004 12:43

Because of Des and others conditions in the building trade improved.
I wore my badge FREE THE SHREWSBURY PICKETS with pride.
Of course conditions in the building trade have deteriated again as have other industries probably due to people like 'worker'.

Des went to prison because he believed in fighting through union activity for a better society.

Des Wilson I honour your memory


ever meet him ?

05.05.2004 17:05

well you obviously never met him ! He was a complete tosser and most of the legend around is because of all the bollocks Ricki Tomlinson wrote about him.

He was a 100% Stalinist who wanted a Soviet Britain regardless of the cost. He made a number of clumsy aproaches to the Soviet Embassy offering to work for them as an agitator in the building industry. The irony is they turned him down because they thought he was an MI5 plant.

He won't be missed.



11.05.2004 15:36

Whatever you think of Dezzies politics, he was a brave man who stood up for what he believed was right. He was fighting for ordinary working-class people and suffered the wrath of the estabishment. He should be remembered with the respect he deserves.



12.05.2004 14:10

Why doesn't the person who signs IWCA SIgn his/her name as an individual - it pisses me off when politcal parties try to push in by promoting their parties.
Sorry i didn't know Dez the guy who died. But I think a lot of people on the left particualry the old Communist party had illusions about the soviet Union - many of them owned up to their mistakes - but there wasa lot of proud Working Class fighters amongst them.


In His name

31.08.2005 19:28

This week they are honouring Lec Walesa for what he did with Solidarity. If you knew the family of Des you would know of the heart ache that the injustice that was dealt to him by this country has caused. Today we should also honour Des Warren for giving his health and his life for the working men of this country. It is all coming back full circle. The rich getting richer and the working man working hard to keep them that way. When will the people of this land realise that the status quo must be kept going by those in power and that they don`t want us to stand up against this.


des a working class hero

12.10.2006 18:52

i went to des flat in chester in the mid 80s and he was so freindly and welcoming to a fellow socialist he was bad in health even in those days so imagine his will and strenth he must of had to live all those years later...because he trembleswere very bad then.des if i can serve my class a tenth of what you did i would leave this earth man who never betrayed his class ,fat cat trade unionists he hated you and vowed to expose you as being a enemy of our class so dont cry crocadile tears for him, rest in peace you were a good man to have known.........