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Critical Mass Report

critical mass monkey | 01.05.2004 18:22

critical mass.....those darn cars! (Manchester)

A great turnout for critical mass this month!
sunny weather and all. Must have been about 25 people, had a lovely ride around manchester - lots of motorists shouting at us and getting very aggressive! some even got out of their cars to wave their fists.
This was a CELEBRATION of the bike - But the car drivers didnt see the fun side of it...we did! we were outside, in the sun, not stuck in some stuffy car polluting our planet.

aaaanyway - same time next month - last friday at 5pm at central library.
if any one can bring flags saying why we are cycling, or some sounds (even a small getoblaster would be cool)
there might even be some strange bike/vehicles there...

all in all very successful and very fun. see you all next time!

p.s we'll be setting up a list of peoples emails to make announcement as well as on here - so email us if you want to be added
or go to and search for manccriticalmass and add yourself


critical mass monkey
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