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Anarchist Ball

wrench | 29.04.2004 00:39 | Culture | Free Spaces | Cambridge

There is an idea floating around Cambridge air to have an alternative
May Ball during may week...perhaps to be held on one of the commons, as a
celebration without the £190, security guards and oysters, but with a
lot of fun people and a DIY spirit.

The Anarchist Ball

If you think you might like to help organise it (music, food, clowns,
artists, activists needed) please email wrench @ - there is a
meeting this Tuesday, May 4th, 8 pm, at Clowns Cafe.

At our first meeting, we will probably brainstorm ideas, and try to figure out things in general.

- e-mail: wrench @
- Homepage:


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May Brawl

06.05.2004 17:26

This sounds fun :)