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Youth obsessed with motors, more so in Liverpool?

Martin | 23.04.2004 15:48 | Free Spaces | Liverpool

New to Liverpool I am stunned by the obsession with cars in youth culture, can anyone explain joy riding?

I have just moved to Liverpool, and, dont get me wrong, I quite like it.

One observation is the obsession of kids, mostly boys it seems with anything that has wheels, an exhaust, and is loud.

They drive their lawn mower bikes, motorbikes, mopeds... you name it, everywhere, anytime. Preferably in open spaces, the parks are favorites. Just came through Sefton Park... cars parked on the lawn... inside the park, next to it middle aged men angling in a duck pond. Amazing.

Then Princes park, kids on motorbike racing between 4 year olds... and the remains of a burnt out car at the entrance. A friend saw i still smouldering the day before. Joyriders had ploughed up the park in the night before.

Cant these kids be given any alternatives?



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