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Caroline (repost) | 21.04.2004 13:09 | Culture | Free Spaces | Cambridge

This is a message from some Cambridge students who are hoping to set up a
new non-profit volunteer-run cafe and social venue. If you're interested,
please contact Caroline, cmw54.

The idea is to provide cambridge with

- a venue for local artists, performers, film-makers, a forum for

- a space to chat about the world and make things happen,

- a resource centre full of information on alternative energy, organic and
faritrade food production, political activism, alternative independent film
and animation etc etc, and anything else people wanna spread the word about

-and just wicked place to hang out, well as, of course, providing delicious organic locally sourced food
at a reasonable price...

the project is being developed by Cambridge students and the founders of
The Forest Café in Edinburgh. To see the kind of thing we have in mind
please look at the Forest's website-

Although as students we have got the ball rolling, the entire point of this
space would be that is a community based project, relying on the input of
people that feel passionate about having a focal point for local artists
and activists to meet and make things happen! Due to the volunteer and non
profit structure there would be a lot of room for individuals to organise
and use the space as they wanted- hosting anything from open mike nights to
poetry slams. It should be a really exciting place to be.

If this sounds interesting to you and you would like to be involved or know
more please email me- Caroline- at

At the moment there is a lot of work to be done to make it work- if any of
you are particularly inspired and want to be part of the core team to make
it happen please specify in what way you would like to help- anything from
painting walls, researching possible venues, funding or just getting more
people involved!

The venue will be run by a collective made up of those who feel they could
offer time and love to such a place! - if you have experience in such
projects or even if you don't but think you would be able to give
considerable time to such a project we would be so happy to hear from you!

Caroline (repost)