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International TV Turn Off Week

uk-features | 17.04.2004 17:03 | Culture

What happens during a seven-day experiment in life without TV? A whole new space to think emerges. You find yourself passing time in ways you never expected. And you start to wonder: when I reach for the remote, who is really in control?. Last April 5 million people switched off.

April 19-25 2004 marks this year's annual TV Turnoff 2004, a seven day celebration of tube-free existence. What will you be up to? Meeting neighbours, smashing up TVs, or just opting out? Maybe you could just switch to Manchester's Beyond TV and London's Pirate TV. Whilst you decide you could have a look at these action ideas, or to some related website links, or even you could download and distribute these MP3's and spots 1 + 2.

Fewer and fewer people control the media that shapes our worldview. And nowhere does this play out worse than on our televisions, where the corporate agenda reigns supreme. The media's role seems to primarily be that of feeding society with one-way stories, infotainment and mind-numbing hype. To keep us amused, but rarely informed or inspired. How can we move past this malaise, beyond the hollow din of reality shows and celebrity news, and back to a life that matters?. TV Turnoff 2004 is no ordinary social ritual, it is a statement against the dead-end couch culture. And when millions of people let the screen fade to black this year, they’ll also be helping to build the Media Carta movement, a campaign for the right of all citizens to access society’s most powerful forms of communication.

White Dot - The International Campaign Against TV | TV Turnoff Network

TV Turnoff Week 2004 - April 19-25
TV Turnoff Week 2004 - April 19-25

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