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People needed to redfine abandoned spaces

sim | 16.04.2004 15:41 | Free Spaces

There are many free spaces in Bradford that need to be used for positive purposes. We need to build a collecive of people

There are so many empty factories/warehouses/pubs/houses in bradford. These all need to be used.

I feel that with the right amount of people, a big difference can be made.

Imagine, free spaces which give all alternative scenes chance to flourish. There is so much that is possible.

BUT the people are needed, to go on into one of the factories or warehouses, a team of people at least 20/25+ would be needed. Along with practical expertise, ie electrics/plumbing/woodworking etc...

A change is possible, but a collective of people that are willing to put the time+effort in is needed.


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