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SchNEWS 10th Anniversary Tour

imcist@ | 13.04.2004 10:55 | Culture | History | Indymedia

SchNEWS is celebrating its 10th anniversary with a tour across the UK from April 10th to 30th. The weekly direct action news sheet was born in a squatted Courthouse in 1994 as part of Justice?, Brighton's campaign against the Criminal Justice Act. It has been part of the anti road protests [M11 1 + 2, Newbury], the big Reclaim The Streets events of the nineties, worker’s struggles such as the Liverpool Dockers, fights against privatisation of public services and many activities around social centres and sustainable futures.

Since the PGA conference in 1998, SchNEWS includes global news: the Global Street Party at the G7 Summit in Birmingham, J18, the WTO protests in Seattle, Nov 1999, which brought the anti-capitalism movement to the attention of the world and marks the beginning of the indymedia network.

In the spirit of the 90s uk protest movements, SchNEWs links up party & protest, and excels in a tongue-in-cheek approach to authorities (crap arrest of the week). The anniversary tour includes workshops on alternative media, short films, info on the upcoming G8 summit in Britain [dissent], launch of the Indymedia handbook, music, party ...

schNEWS tour dates | Tour info | Fantastic Night with SchNEWS!



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