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Pix of Demo Against Repression and Killing in Iraq, Downing St, 11.4.04 Set 3/3

Tim D Jones | 13.04.2004 09:48 | Anti-militarism | London

Here are photos of the demonstration called by Voices in the Wilderness UK on Easter Sunday. Around 80 people attended this emergency picket to protest against the recent military campaign by the US/UK armies in Fallujah, Baghdad, Najaff and other towns and cities in Iraq, that have left at least 733 Iraqi civilians dead over 5 days of fighting and military attacks. This final set focuses on Brian Haw, who has spent well over 1000 days camped out in Parliament Square, opposite the Houses of Parliament, protesting against the slaughter of Iraqi men, women and especially children by UK/US sanctions and war. Please visit Brian an give him your support as often as you can.

For more photos, reports and background information about the current situation in Iraq see:

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