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Oxford Social Centre Open

actavist | 06.04.2004 10:47 | Culture | Free Spaces | Oxford

Practical workshop on setting up an Oxford social centre happened late last night.

The has been much talk about setting up a social center in Oxford - well less talk and more action for once. A practical workshop on setting up an Oxford social centre happened late last night- we have one.

The workshop continues today at 3.00pm the RAP yard 220 Cowley Rd, bring yourself, tat, cakes, enthusiasm and ideas.

Second meeting at 6.00pm for deciding on community café, film space, resources space and other ideas.

Support the alternative see you all there – bring cleaning materials (:

"The difference between theory and real life is that in theory, there
is no difference between theory and real life, but in real life, there
is a difference." Marshall Spight



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Time change (:

06.04.2004 11:09

Sorry the evening meeting at 8.00 clashes with the poetry slam so changed it to 6.00pm tonight see yer there (:

Social Center Crew


06.04.2004 11:12

is this squatted or legal?

either way, well done

and watch this space for the next chapter of the social centre story in some city up north...



06.04.2004 11:53

Bring it on!



06.04.2004 12:57

well done! see you there! :-)


Bring food please

06.04.2004 15:12

the kitchen's a bit empty.


email set up

06.04.2004 16:11

Have set up an email address for the social centre to use:

Will give y'all the password @ the meeting l8r.

anarcho geeks


06.04.2004 16:41

Website set up ...

anarcho geeks
- Homepage: