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blackwood protest continues

nik | 29.03.2004 20:10 | Ecology | Indymedia | London | Oxford

please continue your support of blackwood protest as there are still trees on route.

we are desperate for support at blackwood as there are still anything from fifty trees upwards still on the route. i have been living up there for the last eight weeks and have seen the support pick up but since last tuesday (eviction) people are not coming to visit but we are still in a position to really cost this road scheme money. only one of the 30 or so people that were arrested was charged. so please people this fight is still far from over. i recently went to another road scheme that has started near by, and it made me realise how serious this one is to the enviroment. the wish list is mainly that of poly-prop food etc you know the score. mainly people are needed please contact us on 07708420446 there will be a meeting on saturday afternoon at kerry camp to discus our future so please attend or if pos go up before. please keep supporting us xxxxxxx




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