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An Anarchist FAQ updated (to version 10.0)

anarchistfaq | 27.03.2004 14:21 | Analysis

An Anarchist FAQ has been updated (version 10.0)

An Anarchist FAQ has been updated (version 10.0)

An Anarchist FAQ has been updated to version
10.0 on the 18th of March, 2004. Sorry for the
delay in announcing it.

"An Anarchist FAQ" is an indepth introduction
to anarchist ideas, ideals and history. It
explains why anarchism is anti-hierarchy,
anti-state, anti-capitalist. It discusses
why anarchists oppose the current system,
how we plan to change it and what kind of
society we want. It also explains why
libertarian socialism is the only form of
socialism that will work and how Marxists
distort anarchist ideas and history.

"An Anarchist FAQ" can be found at:

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to Thanks!)

"An Anarchist FAQ" links page has also been
updated. With over 700 links to anarchist
webpages, organisations, books, publishers
and much more, it is one of the best places
to find out about the on-line anarchist

"An Anarchist FAQ" links page can be found at:

So What's New in the FAQ?

Version 10.0

Section H

Reorganisation of section H. Some sections have been
moved around (for example, section H.5 on the Makhnovist
movement is now section H.11 and section H.8 on vanguardism
is now section H.5). In addition, sections from section
H.6 (what was section H.4) have been added. Some changes
have been made to other sections. For example the section
on Kronstadt (now section H.7), the section on various
Bolshevik Oppositions (section H.10) and the critique of
Engels' essay on Authority is now a new section (section
H.4) instead of being part of section H.1.

The following subsections of section H.6 are now available:

Section H.6 -- Introduction to section H.6

Section H.6.3 -- Surely the Russian Revolution proves
that vanguard parties work?

Section H.6.4 -- Was Lenin's "State and Revolution"
applied after October?

Section H.6.5 -- Did the Bolsheviks really aim for Soviet power?

Section H.6.6 -- What happened to the soviets after October?

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