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Mayday cancelled - apathy in the UK

R | 24.03.2004 18:57 | Social Struggles | London

Mayday collective cancell mayday - Shocker!

BBC reports that mayday has been cancelled due to apathy...

ha ha, what bollocks!

Mindless and gloating reports from the BBC reveal that apathy from anarchist means that mayday protests organised by the maydaycollective have been cancelled.

"Following a meeting held in mid-January the London Mayday Collective decided not to proceed with plans for an anti-capitalist event this year. This will be the first time in 5 years that there has not been an event of its kind in London..."

The BBC put this down to apathy and suggested that anti-capatalist and anti-globalisation are no longer issues that interest people. Needless to say, they didn't bother to mention plans for events in Dublin and thanks to the usual (and perfectly understandable) distrust of the mainstream media by people involved in organising events for mayday, a platform was given to Globalise Resistance and some socialist youth resistance group.

Once again, the mainstream media demonstrate how crap they are. Obvious to anyone with half a brain, MAYDAY IS NOT CANCELED. The mayday collective does not speak for everyone and events will certainly take place in London and around the world as usual.

Check out plans for events in Dublin....